What do entrepreneurs need from scratchFor their own entrepreneurial journey to create a long-term,

September 5, 2017

The so-called

3, find a real >

1, make clear what your interest is, what you want,

is to use their own entrepreneurial start empty-handed, limited resources, spontaneous use of market opportunities, a head facing the development of the cause of the war. What do you need from scratch,

Forewarned is forearmed. If you want to change your lifestyle, you are determined to start a new venture. The first thing to do is to build a long-term and sustainable development plan based on your own interests and your own abilities. Good planning, coupled with the implementation of the support, in the vast entrepreneurial journey, you will lose your way. How to draw up a business plan that suits oneself, this is what we have to face. Here are some personal views on this issue to do quantitative analysis.

2, what can you do to achieve this goal,

insight, insight is sometimes natural, but more acquired. Most truly great leaders have a keen eye. In the enterprise without success, employee people around and even businesses do not understand, maybe the main reason is because other people often fail to or not willing to put in the same time and pay the same price, to understand what others cannot see things and the truth. Entrepreneurship is a sacrifice because entrepreneurs have to give up something in exchange for a long-term goal.


five, public servant consciousness

knows what you want, what you want, and who you want to be. These are just the basic processes. The next thing you have to do is to set a goal for yourself, and then analyze exactly how to do it in the light of your own situation, and finally achieve that goal. Say you want to sell clothing in the form determined by began his entrepreneurial journey, then you must understand: where to get a stable supply? How to promote their products, how to have a good sales? How to cooperate with others, to achieve a win-win situation? How can the industry do their best the ultimate goal of this industry, do what? All the chores, you must think clearly. Only when you are well prepared can you act freely.


I, market research, assessment opportunities,

so, in the early days, please calm yourself down. Yes, it’s not easy for the society to really calm down. But please understand that you want to do something. You want to be different from other people. You have your own dreams. So, no matter how hard it is, you must calm yourself down. Then think carefully about yourself, dissect your strengths and weaknesses, your interests, what you want to be like 5 years and 10 years later, and so on. Only on the basis of all this to think clearly, can you really know yourself, to really understand what you want, you want to become what kind of person, you can consciously to consciously overcome obstacles ahead, and then move on, until the arrival of.

people, only when they have made clear what they are interested in and what they want, will they make a conscious effort for all this. If you really want is what is not clear, so the source power come from? There is no clear objectives, do this thing to do today, tomorrow and see the good, then make a transition to other things, the day after tomorrow and see better opportunities, believe that good, you to do that… So, what eventually you will get, will only waste precious time in life, The loss outweighs the gain.

this includes the following data: 1 market size data; 2 growth potential; 3 driving factors; 4 gross profit situation; 5 sustainability; 6 analysis of competitors. If the enterprises want to grow beyond the conventional, first to choose a fast growing market, choose a life cycle in rapid growth stage of the industry, and to exceed the pace of development of the market ready.

in fact, many self-made entrepreneurs have more or less dependent on the special resources provided by marriage and family. Making good use of your resources and making it your career is a shortcut to quick success.

four, capital accumulation

every man has a chance he or she has come for many times in his life, but sadly, when this opportunity comes, you find yourself unable to catch him. Obviously, the opportunity is so important that no one’s success can not be separated from opportunities. Therefore, when opportunities do not come, they should be prepared as soon as possible.

two, keen insight,


three, seize the opportunity at the critical moment,

from scratch, the most difficult thing is to earn the first pot of gold and complete the primitive accumulation of capital. It is difficult to earn a pot of gold in two aspects: 1 if the enterprise can complete the primitive accumulation of capital, the company’s business model and operating system have been market tested, began to mature, so to reach this level is not easy; 2 on the lack of adequate capital support, enterprise the development is much more difficult than the former, because it requires enterprises in all aspects of doing very good.

no investigation, no right to speak. Before deciding the direction of entrepreneurship, if you do market research and assess market opportunities, you can greatly reduce the chances of failure and increase the likelihood of success. The first prerequisite for the successful development of enterprises is that the market has sufficient opportunities for the development of enterprises, so the first step of success is to objectively evaluate and judge the market opportunities.

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