How to establish a good team Shanghai Phoenix

September 5, 2017

3, pay attention to the cultivation of


good team building system

no matter what type of Shanghai dragon team, we should do a good job in the first place that is a point, make clear the job responsibilities of various personnel, make clear post responsibility system, such as: post personnel optimization team in your configuration, update the personnel allocation, the chain construction personnel configuration and specific tasks, let them be able to understand their own position, what should be done every day, all these should be fully reflected in the post responsibility system. Not only that, the development of Shanghai dragon team want better, must do the internal reward system to make reasonable punishment is more important, the light punishment no reward team is not able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the members. Of course, how to control the degree of punishment is very important, much less penalty award will affect people’s emotions, produce negative effects, but also directly affects the prize too much manpower cost, it must be a lot of deliberation.

, given the opportunity to show

don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, but in the realistic society, presumably more people want to be a general, there is no exception in the Shanghai dragon team, as an excellent management team, although not very good grasp of every member of the advantages and disadvantages.

2, a clear division of labor, reasonable rewards and

as the saying goes: no rules Cheng Fangyuan, still very useful in corporate management. No system is not a team, it must establish a good team system. No matter what kind of Shanghai dragon end to, should establish a good team for the team to develop the system, strict or loose it needs to proceed from reality, to develop and improve the comprehensive quality of team members according to the. However, in fact a lot of the total in the establishment of Shanghai dragon team has already neglected the importance of team members, many uneven levels are to rely on acquaintances, relatives or friends recommended and established. Of course, if the personnel recommended by the strong ability of more needless to say, if you do not understand how the industry, the Shanghai dragon team overall comprehensive quality will be greatly reduced. In this context, it should establish a perfect system of the core team, the system should be included in the management, including attendance, job security, etc., the more perfect the system more effectively to the team.

since June 2012, along with the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai search engine algorithm and perfect, a lot of people are already confused, can not find the road ahead, have been unable to find the correct optimization method or operation mode. As the enterprise marketing management, more consideration should be given to the Shanghai dragon team cooperation ability. Shanghai dragon team not only for integration to improve the level of optimization is to let everyone feel the team help each of the atmosphere. However, in the establishment and management of Shanghai dragon team more or less there will be a lot of problems and contradictions, these contradictions and how to avoid it? How to make the team back on track? The author according to their years of experience, summed up the following three points:

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