Millet website your website did not keep pace with the times

September 5, 2017

since I do my bidding more and more love to improve the website, but generally do two the most important thing is to adjust the bidding account, another thing is to improve the page itself. Many people only in the adjustment account, but ignore the improvement of the page, the page actually improved this thing very difficult. But it is very important to improve the page, do the bidding early people will encounter a problem, it is very simple to flow, but the inquiry is not up, then a few months down the rate of return on investment.

I have seen online in 2003 by Taobao, it is with a corporate website feel good and ugly. But the family is the first in the first version, this is understandable. We see today is the development of Taobao over Taobao, Taobao today if the content layout in 2003 is certainly not, today’s Taobao page layout and recommendation are formed through the combination of data and the development trend of the times and other reasons.

I think the next revision is Meizu, Meizu with more and more products, it shows now that the way is not enough, so also will be toward a similar millet mall this style was improved. I’m on the mobile phone industry website has observed, HUAWEI mall, LETV, small chili, this is our style similar to millet. I want to say is the company’s Web site is like a creature, it must continue to improve in line with the current development.

I see a place of many enterprises is the most scary station, just by others do it is like this, then it has been like this, not according to the enterprise’s development and improvement, can not be placed according to the development of the market to adjust their products, can not be changed according to the user demand change, not by the data for example: the user browsing trajectory, heat map to improve the website. This website is doomed not to have vitality, is doomed to be eliminated.

today opened millet website, millet net revision, and I hope you love the new version. I feel millet was simple and small fresh design, but for the new site in the design style I still love the boss orange style. Of course, the style is not a website the most important, in fact you observe some websites every year revision, have big or small Jingdong such as Taobao, for example, such a large site.

says to millet it, this revision millet I feel better than before, simple and elegant, becomes bloated up, but the revision of the direction is right. Why? The reason is because the development of millet millet company more and more, more and more products, it will be revised, so you can display more products in the home. In fact, some time ago to cool the revision is the same reason, before the cool website I really do not love, the last revision directly copied millet, just changed my style, I am speechless. But their cause I estimate is the same, the product must become more, such as millet mall type to more display products.

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