How to judge your site is down right The site really is right down how to do

September 5, 2017

in Shanghai Longfeng people every day to see the site related data collection, check traffic habits, check, check the chain. The tools used are all kinds of site, domian, and other instructions must also be used. Under normal circumstances no matter what tools or instructions to check the data, the data does not change much, once found abnormal data, Shanghai Longfeng staff must pay attention to it, look at your website is not have the following problems:


website update speed is not the law, the number of articles published daily or different release time is not uniform, it is easy to let the spider love Shanghai that your station is not stable;

website templates and replacement program, website keyword stuffing etc..

server space is not stable, home often isn’t open, or open speed is very slow;

introduction: you can see there is a lot of people in Shanghai love and ventilation every year, a number of websites and the right to be reduced. Accounting employment network as a small series in Shanghai dragon industry 5, 6 years of ups and downs white, still on the "right down" two words do not quite understand. This is 2016 April, love Shanghai adjustment, and a group of small owners wailing in the network, a small club also call consulting related issues, it paid attention to small, here we take a look at what is going on is K.

site link site (Links) to be search engine punishment, we must pay attention to this, Shanghai Longfeng personnel should form the habit of every day to see Links, being canceled a chain of small things, friends of the chain are harmful to human being right down to it, you will directly lead to the station received implicated judgment method friends of the chain is right down the simplest is to check whether there is the home page ranking;

1. with the site instruction check included when web page ranking dropped too much. Most of the time, the website home page not ranked can say you love the sea at the station, or is K. Home is right down there may be:

, how to judge your site is down right.

3. website main keywords ranking all fall down. Here we need to emphasize.

web page title, keywords, description of frequent modification, reverse link lifting abnormalities, such as sudden increase in the number of the chain;

2. site or domain query, the Web index decreased too much, for example, from 10000 to 0, which was K. The index volume decreased significantly under the condition that the webmaster should reflect on their own is not the site quality is not good enough, the content of the website is on the acquisition or all of the original is false.

how to judge your site is down right, the site really is down the right to do


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