Hu Yibo Shanghai dragon will be eliminated

September 5, 2017

has a lot of people have been circulated on the Internet Shanghai dragon will be eliminated, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng might such as those friends said to be eliminated, but the Shanghai Phoenix not only let you do your search engine rankings. Do search engines especially love Shanghai, many people know that love Shanghai spider crawling approach will change, that is because of love in Shanghai as far as possible to avoid being Shanghai Longfeng badly. In Shanghai dragon is becoming more and more popular and, as long as the webmaster can, so the competition of the cake is not good.

+ UEO (user experience Optimization)

Shanghai dragon + website promotion

in Shanghai Longfeng can more depth of a layer to understand and mining, as everyone knows Shanghai dragon is a network to promote the. So diversified to do Shanghai dragon will be a new generation will have Shanghai dragon, how a diversified method? Such as: Shanghai dragon + all kinds of promotion, marketing, UEO (user experience Optimization), etc. to operate. It’s like I mentioned before the Shanghai Dragon Master approach is to let others help you make the chain, let yourself get lazy and effect than you do. Here is to write a few case

Shanghai dragon network marketing


Hu Yibo in friends, like Chengdu Shanghai dragon "Chuan Jun" he is to UEO (user experience Optimization) to do the Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon attract visitors to then use a good user experience to put new visitors into regular visitors to get good rankings, this is the UEO (user experience Optimization) combined with the results of the optimization of Shanghai dragon


network marketing in recent years very fire, especially B2C, B2B, and other e-commerce group purchase category, also heard recently out of a O2O. Engage in network marketing at present to make the guest can Taobao is the largest number, we take off the case about Taobao! Many Taobao customers do blogs and websites to promote independent goods, mostly through the Shanghai dragon to carry out marketing promotion, to guide the flow through the Shanghai dragon to buy, this is the Shanghai Dragon the combination of network marketing. Shanghai Longfeng combining marketing now for the individual owners have been profiteering. But this way has been to hard, novice to add some new minimally invasive It differs from man to man. to increase the freshness and personal marketing tool. Like: "back.


push "jianglikun" and 28 "mouchangqing" two Daniel, can say now is already very successful. The two are to promote the Shanghai dragon as a supplement to do Shanghai Longfeng, through the promotion of powerful ability to let everyone know what they are in the promotion, then quickly through the reputation, reputation, reprint, etc. quickly spread, quick to let people know what they rolled out and get the attention and the chain strong structure. This method can be used for good, very cattle B.

!Shanghai dragon

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