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September 6, 2017

4, PV is more important than for IP

station in the search engine spiders to the point of view of a website, crawling, indexing, and ranking will meet what the problem? The station optimization is to solve these problems, if not the ability to stand inside optimization to achieve the ultimate, may wish to follow the practice of a profession. My website is to follow the Shanghai dragon WHY, because Shanghai Longfeng WHY for two consecutive years to occupy the position of the first search engine in Shanghai Longfeng area, the station optimization has been done, the only difference is that Shanghai dragon WHY is using v1.6 phpmyfaq and CMS, but I stand is completely static.

is very important to gather popularity

1, the domain name is very important to choose

if you get IP through other marketing methods, but the visitors on your site soon turned off from.

Key words

website is the "Shanghai dragon chain", this is a competition is not very high degree of keywords, in love is all in the Shanghai home page of some large, search volume in love Shanghai is "85500", but even so, can have this kind of achievement in 14 days or, let me really happy for a while. Now I will share my experience to friends, for the novice to learn, welcome Paizhuan master.


2, the station optimization is very important

new online, want to search to the basic flow is unlikely, we can use the other network marketing to gather some popular website, such as QQ group, I also used this way, because I am in the three months is time to do on the Dragon Phoenix sprocket experiment, webmaster attention to this experiment, has opened fifth groups to communicate with everyone. Group of friends are almost to the site to see. The search engine every day looking for your site by love for someone is the best reason to visit.

for the choice of the domain name, I have always been simple, but like the Shanghai dragon theme class website, domain name in the keyword Shanghai dragon is very helpful for ranking. In order to balance these two points, finally chose Shanghai dragon 12580 for the domain name, although only registered to the.Net suffix, but which contains words, 12580 is known to every family, this combination of letters and numbers and does not have any ambiguity, I think it is a good domain name, many people will choose the domain name, site name in pinyin the combination is preferred, such as Taobao, Baidu and so on, it is good for such a domain name, but if not registered, also need not too tangled, because the domain name is the meaning given the webmaster. Human memory is not very good, easier, and more willing to remember some things, I give 12580 Shanghai dragon meaning "Shanghai dragon is a chain to ranking", like "a move as I help you" as a good mind.

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