Four shields to defend the place website

September 7, 2017

first, the local site should be localized, to find the unique local things. For example, the Fujian area is very popular for tea, then, in the vicinity of Fujian local website, it is best to have a "Internet cafes". Fujian is the most unique tea culture, it is the province which can not compare. The people almost no not tea, the site also need localization, they can merge the local tea culture. In this way, not only can distinguish with other website, as well as the friendly features, allowing users to feel more cordial and find everything fresh and new feeling.

hold the characteristics and targeted

again, dialect is also very good taste. For example, Fuzhou has a number of commonly used words, such as those for arch lie, Fuzhou, are very friendly. A small amount of application of dialect, the dialect as a little spice, can better promote the user on the site of intimacy and sense of belonging

so, how can a good grasp of the local characteristics of

local website, is always a great luck. Some local websites do very successful, and most are silent silence. In fact, the local public goods is not only on the Internet, many traditional media such as the Strait Metropolis Daily is a local newspaper, also do very successful. And now is the new media era, predictably, local sites have very large space for development. As the saying goes, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. If you work hard enough to find a trick, do local website is not difficult. Success is never accidental, entrepreneurial success is unremitting efforts of entrepreneurs. The author will talk about a trick to make the local website, and the website can place the key success factors.


second, in the content, close to the local people, bring convenience to the user. Local news and news, shopping discounts, local delicacy, are very popular news users. This is what the new anecdotes recently, recently what place is on sale, where the most famous local snacks, and where a new good restaurant, where traffic congestion and so on will. The convenience of information, not only to the local user local website can get convenience, some of the newcomers, do not know enough about the place of the users is also very attractive.

feel, the user is supreme

One of the features of

local website is very prominent, is a regional strong, it is easy to have a sense of belonging. For example, the 19 floor Fuzhou home network, it is natural Fuzhou anecdotes, city activities, local delicacy and so on. The local station, of course should be the place of the event. Therefore, as long as you can catch a regional local website, is to associate the rudder of local website development.


no matter what time, the user is the first one. This point is no matter what sites must be used as the local site of golden laws and precious rules, is the same.

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