Analysis of how to skillfully use keywords in web content

September 7, 2017

, a reasonable density

keyword is not only similar to the H tag, but also can make the search engine keywords we set, rather than through the automatic matching. Secondly, we need to cooperate in order to determine the bold keywords several long tail, this operation not only extends the keywords, but also strengthen the keywords in correlation and density, to improve the keywords ranking has a good effect.


This website is the use of the

webmaster friends all know keyword density affect the keywords ranking, before some people use black hat techniques such as method of keyword stacking operation, but now this operation has not, I do not advocate to increase keyword density approach with black hat method. Our operation is general, article uses illustrated to show the way in which the picture of ALT title with two tags is very easy to be ignored, especially the title label, so I try to give the mind with pictures and with ALT and title to improve the keyword density.

content of the web site keywords layout and expansion, with the technique of chain to achieve today’s results, the author will talk about the content of the website keywords specific operation:

to search engine, the keyword function often determines the importance of Web site in the search engine. Keywords and website content basically is produced, so the author today to talk about the content of your website for individual keywords operating practices, of course this way has been on its own site practice, and get good results, the following is the author used this approach to a website webmaster screenshots, as follows:  

three is more than the author keywords for the content of the article by operating practices, the effect is more obvious, the webmaster friends can try, I believe there will be good results. The article by Sidney 贵族宝贝xideni贵族宝贝  feeds, please respect the original, thank you!

two, bold keywords and the extension of


although the content page will have the relevant articles and reading list, but after all these show limited, and relevance is not too strong, so we say here is to build a bridge between the article and the article, of course, if the title of this article contains target keywords can directly use the title to internal chain. If not, you can create a link between keywords.

keywords within the chain construction

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