Do some good habits to develop the Shanghai Dragon

September 7, 2017

used to be a successful start, there is a good habit to do anything, it means half success, so is the Shanghai dragon. The following is Li Wenxiong in the last few years to do some experience of Shanghai dragon, write well, welcome Paizhuan! Only this memorial Li Ayao line on the first day of the blog · · · · ·

I remember the early site, always on the Internet to find some free space, what domain name, wish everything is free is good, however, is the most expensive free. Other than that, we talk about the UU forum, who used should have the experience, 2010 when occasionally open the case, before the site without any advertising, well, good to use! Then after July, with a Taobao customer sale channel link in the navigation on the mandatory, then you can change the station to inform, but not delete. Good! Forgive you, then like every day there are unable to access one or two hours, miserable. A few months later in the mandatory plus advertising at the top, the bottom of advertising, in February this year or March, more shameless to mandatory at the forum with the Links pop and forced tao123, UU estimates the poor crazy, so I was ruined by the UU forum, a free choice, and yourself, now more people Speechless is UU parsing, parsed before the domain name now not >

no matter how famous you how impressive, can’t forget how you come to this position, everyone’s success cannot do without support around your friends, so no matter in any case, if someone gives you advice, you should have an answer, try to help others, to the people the rose fragrance in hand. Whether looking for links, or orders, answer questions we should all speak in a friendly tone, euphemism and other.

friendly, euphemism

2, not cheap



Why is

to write the first one? I also have experience of the heart, remember when I first started to contact this line, many of them do not understand, ask then four, met several enthusiastic, also encountered a few more indifferent webmaster friends. When it comes to this first thanks to Silan IT media owners don’t love snow wolf sheep, he is my first teacher do ask, passionate, I what all don’t understand, ask him many questions, he never thought I would have trouble, as long as will help me to solve, never thought what can get benefits from me at that time, because I see his website system and I is the same, so ask him. Of course, some owners indifferent, it is a very simple question, he is lazy typing. I think that this world gratitude people still more, you are not a panacea, you will Shanghai Longfeng, will do a website, will you PS? You will be law? Maybe the man he will just help you

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