By screening love Shanghai keyword bidding

September 7, 2017

1, the rational use of key creative methods.


actually love Shanghai bidding to have such a good feature lets you set the keyword "extensive and accurate, phrases, these search methods, in general, those precise words more accurate search better, but sometimes, if we use the phrase, there may be surprising not easy to effect, of course, if you have the money in the bidding above, so widely used, is very good, but need to be mindful of the point, if we use widely, although it can greatly increase website traffic, but may be due to this keyword is too wide because of the resulting conversion high, because a lot of traffic is wasted.

2, to understand, use the keyword set.


so, love Shanghai bidding keywords should study how to more creative thinking,

after all, some time, some key price once rose, then down, is not so easy, so when we do the bidding, consideration should be given to whether a keyword clearly the price reasonable? Even, rely on other techniques to promote the key word search density, expand the search words the way, to consider the issue from a more creative point

in SEM has a very famous saying: do the bidding promotion is dead. Don’t do for promotion is to die, but for a lot of love depends on the Shanghai bid and the survival of enterprises, even knowing that love is love Shanghai auction last to benefit from Shanghai, but still not not Rao to bid on the competition, you have today a few keywords ranked first, then I’ll last a few keywords ranked first, even in order to bid to firmly occupy the first position, at the cost of high cost, the bidding words pushed to the unbearable, in fact, this benefit last vicious competition, is still love Shanghai. But, if you continue to do so, each race of the words, so easy to let yourself have a spark.

Although the

so we set the matching degree of bidding keywords, we must pay attention to income and expenditure ratio, so that it can properly carry out keyword adjustment and screening, so as to extract higher quality keyword. So here, we must leave.

sometimes, if it is of the same idea keywords, then of course is ranked first is more popular, this is a very simple fact, but at the same time, ranking second can also play out new tricks, as long as we understand the creative use of words, for example, the site in the mid autumn festival for word inside it, there is a "Mid Autumn Festival preferential < XXX> ‘, this is the creative approach for auction Commissioner to come out, the effect is very good, although not the first keyword like crazy prices to a more outrageous position, but can still get a lot of display quantity, that is to say, the idea very successful.

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