Share how to solve some website snapshot file return method

September 8, 2017

!Secondly, as soon as possible!

finished solving causes the web site back to the file, in order to let love Shanghai as soon as possible to resume normal update snapshot of our site, outside the chain this time we might as well in the weight of relatively high site or forum to add the quality of training, or to some other exchange links website forum to see, see there is no suitable exchange with our website Links, as long as the number of sites outside the chain chain with enough, quality is higher, so the website weight nature will enhance your up and ascension website weight went up, love Shanghai natural will recover rapidly updated


website suddenly returned to the file, the webmaster naturally want to resolve as soon as possible, or else a long time you believe more or less will affect your weight, but before the return to solve the website snapshot files, the reason of the webmaster or site snapshot file back to look for, if the webmaster I do not know where to start, I would recommend that owners can start from the log space, see what love Shanghai spiders return code is falling. Then according to the return code for these spiders love Shanghai in search of related reasons for

of course, if the owners do not want to add a link or Links so tired, the webmaster can also spare some time to write a soft Wen, then into each big famous Adsense sites or forums, as long as the webmaster website you vote or forum more famous, so reprint your website is more soft, as long as you reprint your web site, then your site.

for the website snapshot suddenly return files, I generally put it into two conditions, the first condition is just on the line of the railway station, so the weight is not very high, I returned website snapshot file is belong to the normal behavior; the second condition is love Shanghai would have been updated website snapshot, but suddenly which day will not return the updated file, this is not normal behavior; that we in the end how to solve the webmaster website return this


station after a busy search, should believe the reason soon can be found on the website snapshot files back, but the owners in the original country file back to find the snapshot is not finished, owners also cause according to the website snapshot file back as soon as possible to get rid of the problem, such as a web site snapshot file is returned because of the space problem and the Ferris traders, will be replacing a good quality space; if the site snapshot file return reason is caused by the website content quality is not high, so webmaster usually in a physical air station, for those who are not in the original content must be slightly modified, as far as possible to achieve the pseudo original the effect of

!After file?

first) before returning to solve our webmaster snapshot file, we must first find the reason

…Furthermore, file back!The

) in order to speed up the love Shanghai normal update, every day can be appropriate to add some outside chain chain with friends

) after finding the website snapshot back to file, the next step is to solve the problem out of

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