Real case website domain name change of injury

September 8, 2017

full of waste

included all waste not only brings the PR value of the decline, because the PR value decreased a little while also can not see, up >

website to replace the domain name of the injury: a collection of full of waste

is the author of the operation of the website is a community website, the website construction has been beginning with "www" domain name. In Shanghai dragon’s point of view, in fact www led by the domain name is the two domain names, in order to make you confused, the article mentioned a domain name, refers to "www" at the beginning of the domain name. I personally told recently to replace the domain experience, if there is a new situation will be released more about domain name after replacement of problems and solutions.

website to replace the domain name of two: the rapid decline of



after a day, today November 16th. The early morning check included the original domain name included, did not disappear, still. But this is not good news. Because the domain name change, URL path changes, the previous indexed pages has become a dead link, the dead link page cannot modify or jump to the domain name, can only wait for the engine to remove these included. There is no link to die than a heap of dead link results is better, at least in the search engine will not become so bad as impression. The bad impression for the original domain name, domain name change to the PR value decline that a large part of the reason is due to the large number of dead links. I was calm, bitter heart. After all, spent the first 4 months of the promotion of the domain name, because the boss and the brick house views into a search engine spam sites. Keywords home page ranking exists only within 8 days, due to force majeure factors, so for the Shanghai dragon, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, is a cup. I finally understand why a lot of Shanghai dragon is not willing to full-time, rather than part-time.

traffic injury The original domain name included

in November 15th, has become an unforgettable day. From the website keywords ranking rose to love the first page of Shanghai only 8 days. That night, the boss listen to a so-called expert opinion, in the middle of the night to change the domain name from a domain name for the two level domain name, from the beginning with "www" domain name changed to "BBS" at the beginning of the domain name and domain name to do not timely. This approach led directly to the night this time at 9 in the morning, when the 404 page shows the old users visiting the website with the domain name. 15 days earlier, the author, did the original domain name to. The site must have to do is to replace the domain name, domain name to the original, and best able to last for a long time. The necessity of doing original domain name to reflected in two points: first, let users find your site; two, let search engine, especially love Shanghai to accept this change (in particular why love Shanghai, the author later added). The day before the replacement of the domain name, keywords ranking promotion does not change, is still in the home, also not included in the original domain, or even directly click access.


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