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September 8, 2017

+ share was born and love Shanghai, and part of the single page ranking higher than the origin site ranking phenomenon. Widely spread, mean Gaoketuo degree and high quality, it also means you should appear in the search engine ranking top. This is when we use search engine optimization technology to operate a website on the need to pay attention to.

This is the Google

"content is king, the chain is king" this argument has become one of the common cognitive industry in the search engine optimization community. From a certain point of view, the contents of the emperor not only refers to grab the content is original and real-time, more important is to say "the content is worthy of being spread and share value". We can see in the search engine history, easy to original content dissemination and sharing, in more and more search engines love and give a high weight.

but to the webmaster, especially the electronic commerce website webmaster, a headache problem is how to create high quality content. In general the medium-sized B2C electricity supplier website as an example, the general database also has several million the amount of data, the corresponding page also has tens of thousands, how to make these pages are so-called "high quality", and to avoid "high repetition", is that we need to search engine optimization technology to solve the problem to consider and use.

enduring content:

in this article, we briefly introduce some, the electricity supplier website required to optimize technology and strategy of search engine application, hope can cooperate with colleagues to explore.

website is search engine optimization technology is very important. We from two aspects to expound the problems: first, in the original web content and feasible degree were high, the frequency of updates will determine who ranked higher; 2, published an article or a web page content is >

2 update frequency

1 high quality

The update frequency of

search engine optimization technology (search engine optimization technology) is one of the most important things of today’s Internet marketing and promotion. Relative to SEM, search engine optimization technology is more practical and easy to master, civilians. How to target users of their market, reasonable use of search engine optimization technology makes the enterprise key word (target key word and the long tail key words) in the target search engine to obtain good rank, or the project is to enable enterprises to obtain one of the channels of success.

our solution, but not for the same kind of brand goods, the difference in commodity display page. In the premise of not affecting the user experience, in the brand or make it in the text to distinguish from other similar products. The content can be derived from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, the official website or other measurement sites, according to our needs to copy modify. You cannot avoid rote and pseudo original, the search engine optimization technology can not adapt to the existing search engine trends. At the same time, in the comments and comments and other functions, can also improve the product page of the original degree and reliability.

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