Robin Li love Shanghai 70% search results by Box Computing show

September 8, 2017

Robin Li, fell in love with the sea since the 2010 launch of Box Computing platform, users in Shanghai love home search, no longer need to click on the corresponding link, but can be directly obtained by Box Computing search results, to achieve a one-stop search service. At present, with about 70% search results are displayed by the Box Computing, make the user experience more convenient.

September 2nd, love Shanghai chairman and CEO Robin Li said at the Shanghai 2011 World Conference on love, the love of Shanghai 70% of the search results by Box Computing to display.

Robin Li said that with the rapid development of the sea box computing platform relies on the support of partners, the partners of the platform has more than 3500, covering many areas of life, entertainment etc.. At the same time, also love Shanghai as a partner to bring a lot of traffic. For example, after joining the world delicacy recipe site falls in love with the sea Box Computing platform, monthly visits increased from 6 million to 26 million. ? chess game Landlords JJ after access to love Shanghai, the precision of about 5 million registered users. (end)

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