Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Er how to live under the Dragon era of reform and opening up

September 8, 2017

learned the history of friends all know, since 1978, Chinese implemented a great policy of reform and opening up, the China gradually towards the world, eventually become a modern country… You might think that… There is a relationship between the reform and opening up and wool Shanghai dragon, said to have what meaning? Today I just borrow with the reform and opening to make a comparison, to write an article about changes in the new era of Shanghai Longfeng development trend, and to their own experience to the Shanghai dragon Er how to continue to live in the Shanghai dragon under the tide of reform and opening up.

also provided the first China of reform and opening up, reform and opening up, we have made the mistake of subjective idealism, adhere to the "how bold, how much production", "thirty years overtaking" concept, implementation of the "great leap forward", the end result is to make Chinese economic retreat, after the reform, a new generation of leaders to correct the mistake, just let China led to steady economic development. Our Shanghai dragon, we think, the chain the more the better, so many webmaster can only send the chain fling caution to the winds, places, even using the software one day on a surge of tens of thousands of, looking at his chain, not a small webmaster heart Zizi beauty. But the second day, the chain fell, ranking also dropped, heart broken. It tells us in today’s Shanghai dragon new era, must learn to pay attention to the quality of the chain, even if you only get ten high quality the chain, than you send 100 spam a day outside the chain is much stronger, so remember, this is an era of quality, quality is always the first chain guarantee.

second, the chain is no longer the number of heavy, high quality of the chain is now the mainstream of the Shanghai dragon

you know, before the reform and opening up China, there are many imperfections in the legal aspects, often make some criminals to legal loopholes and do some terrible things, but after the reform and opening up, China law began to improve, so that more criminals nowhere to run. From here you can remind us of our previous situation: the use of Shanghai dragon technique to improve keyword rankings, deceive search engine, reduce the user experience; using various group software to send the chain, so that the Internet is filled with all kinds of rubbish. The chain… And now, Shanghai Longfeng reform, changed the rules of search engine those who, with a variety of black hat techniques of Shanghai dragon have different degrees of punishment, which now give us a revelation: Shanghai dragon Er search engines don’t violate the regulations, do a good compliance with the rules of the Shanghai dragon Er, more attention to the user experience, this is a qualified Shanghai dragon er.

before the reform and opening up China, less emphasis on diplomacy, and even if there is a national initiative to make.

third, a new era of Shanghai dragon Er meeting open to the outside world, learn to cooperate with others

, the first Shanghai dragon community rules have been gradually improved, we must do a good comply with the rules of the Shanghai dragon er

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