Love Shanghai green pomegranate chain is important content of algorithm

September 9, 2017

The benign development of

China network has gradually entered the Internet era, but due to instability in the early development of the network, resulting in a large number of reprint, copy and paste the same low quality page, but meaningful content is lacking. For the webmaster site operation, internal structure construction, web page optimization, keywords layout, traffic analysis and so on, are Shanghai dragon optimization principle of the most simple, only need to master the webmaster optimization principle and perfect. But for the construction of a Shanghai dragon R original content is very difficult, high quality content is often can not be met. High quality original content should not only conform to the search engine, but also to meet the needs of web users. Especially for small and medium sized enterprise website, more is a product of the parameters, application, product description, picture description, the content of the website will be very scarce, even if there are relevant content are also copy and paste from the Internet, for the content of the construction of artificial can try to describe the products. At least 3 above description length, add the product user comments section, add product information or shopping guide industry etc.. Original content is an important prerequisite, web pages included at the same time, the infrastructure is outside the chain of high quality content, not willing to link to the website without substance on the site.

"content is king, the chain for the emperor".

in the early days of the Shanghai dragon optimization, the chain has effect on the correlation, included and weight, led directly to the site keywords ranking, or will directly affect the site traffic, so the chain has become an important standard to judge the weight of the website, it seems the chain optimization has been far more than the content in the webmaster. But because of this principle by the webmaster blind, on the page up a lot of cheating by keywords, accumulation of keywords in the page has reached a rapid increase the page ranking, even if the accumulation of keywords with no page keywords, stationmaster hope is to bring certain flow, as for how to experience and ignored users come to the site after. Such a vicious spiral lead to the Internet there are a large number of spam links, cheating links, with the updated search engine algorithm technology, this spam chain has not been recognized, the chain is no longer the only judge the weights of the website, its mechanism can have more algorithm to determine the weight of the website.

chain is not to judge the weight

The only standard Shanghai Dragon

original content is the fundamental

, the chain are

love Shanghai search engine to the Internet, the search algorithm for major update, just a few months to launch two new search algorithm Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm of pomegranate. These two algorithms are aimed at the construction of the chain, the content of the website construction. Shanghai dragon R optimization website that "content is king, the chain for the emperor" principle, in the love of Shanghai new update algorithm, the content and the chain will be the pros and cons, the webmaster and how to grasp the principle of optimization.

The content of

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