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September 9, 2017


2) produced article oiwn already have column, its purpose is to use these sites huge traffic. Because of heavy traffic sites for many visitors to the user, the content will be according to the different preferences click. So your website can easily click and view to the user. To view the content will give users the popular impression, so long as their Everfount will get more recognition users.

is now on the Internet for the scarcity of things, more and more eager to. However, due to the original online content protection is not particularly important, there is for the rights of behavior does not know how to deal with. So, in a good article, in many cases will be all kinds of sources on the Internet website crazy. So, the original author of an article hard, it was posted online on a variety of platforms, and most people Speechless is copyright was in a complete mess (some directly remove the copyright, some directly to the copyright owners to replace). So, Xiao Bian has been thinking about some problems.


is actually very simple. Methods in their writing, the trick is to use to produce their own original content to attract fans. Here, Xiaobian to simply talk about specific methods.

1) now since the media have been very popular, people from the media will establish can column at some sites in order to promote their. In fact, this approach can also be used by us to look at them in a column of those sites. We can also try to establish their own column. These columns will be classified according to purpose, look at those with their own, and decide what to do

as a content production, how to make their content play value, bring tangible benefits to the original author. Because, as the content of the output for the hard day to write their own articles, some advantages have not been obtained, are some of the content on the Internet porter. Therefore, Xiaobian from several aspects about how to make the content generated some value for yourself.

3) add their own copyright information. Your article as long as these columns have been approved, you can leave your copyright information. The purpose is to let the content producers of the copyright act, but we can put the copyright information written on his.


is now a lot of people are using the WeChat public number and website, WeChat, or other public speaking, how to let users pay attention to your WeChat public number or web site. In order to improve the status of their own public number and website in WeChat users in mind, when people mention anyone that I know the person I know or the public number, it should conduct propaganda to the benefits than those who have worked so hard in the public mind spread. But, you may ask how to get others to pay attention to

For example, the

1 column to increase the visibility of

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