How to publish high forwarding rate information in the B2B platform

September 9, 2017


seven: Master platform >

The ultimate goal of Preparation of

is the volume we release information. The B2B platform of ten million, a lot of salesman also registered know how many, every day hard, but in the end the turnover is very low, pay and harvest is not proportional to the less effective. But some salesman looked at every day is not very busy, but the turnover is very high. Here is to design the information conversion rate. So how to improve the information dissemination of information, the conversion rate of

two: content is king, remember the original. This is the old promble, here but many are described.

: the weight is high, included fast B2B platform. As the saying goes, "backed by a good shade tree". Choose a weight high, included fast platform, you release information will be collected quickly, and give high weight. 88 pages, the factory of the world network, people network, Ganji, interests, energy-saving, Global trade and so on, is a good B2B platform, love Shanghai included speed is above 6.

five: improve other website content. Post investment agency, company dynamic, engineering case, upload honor and other information, will show the strength of the company from the side, increase the volume of

three: reflect the company selling products.

What is the idea and the corresponding

six: product authenticity and readability of

product information, we must pay attention to the authenticity of the information, especially the price of authenticity. If prices do not write, write. If you remember to write, almost with the actual price. For example, the stadium fence general price 20-70 yuan / square meter. It is not written in the price of 2 yuan / square meters of such. Reasonable price will encourage customers to click on the information released by us. At the same time to improve the information content, with real product. Who love the detailed introduction of the products, so as to improve the conversion efficiency.

you want to express the information to achieve the purpose of this is very important?. If you want to reflect the strength of the company, and wrote a veteran provider of words like; if you want to reflect the price low, directly to write the price; for example: strengthen the stadium fence, the stadium fence net old stadium fence net supplier, the latest offer, the ball field fence with a professional game, the stadium fence net the leading industry and so on. The tempting, write attractive words, information conversion rate will be greatly improved.

four: reflect their source, rendering the market prospect. In addition to product technology leader, but also create their own production, because you must sell leather, said he is the production of leather, whether it is Lin or one that is Fei Li gave Games "health should have sufficient data, the scale of our company and in the industry leading position, it can re organize a statement. This will let people see information feel the vast potential market demand, to make them feel as if someone is dug the first pot of gold.

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