Keywords on the extension of the six trick promote website development

September 9, 2017

we all know that love is the world’s largest Shanghai know Chinese interactive quiz platform, Google, soso, and ask the question and answer, etc. These are some of the free information platform, there are a lot of things we need in the above, we want to make use of his advantages to create greater value for our. Every day just to spend a little time to observe the search, these associated with the site platform, analyzes and studies how these words into the keyword extension for some people often mentioned words. You can also use these platforms to ask questions, know more about the expansion of keywords. Here we must pay attention to summing up others answer information, and you can sort out a good article, I answer, your answer should pay attention as much as possible with their own web site, and then adopted, this can also promote our own website. >

third: make full use of the free information platform


for its own website to have a clear understanding of. My website is doing what? The contents of this website are no attention? Or does anyone have this need? Therefore, to really understand the relationship between the nature and the content of the website, in order to find the content of the web site keywords. Then, you can use the word love to Shanghai to see how many users and then combined with its index, do the word of judgment. If many people use it, put some similar keywords ranking. Finally, the key words are combined into a two-way word.

second: Master of the long tail word mining techniques

what words can be regarded as keywords? Is the search keywords main vocabulary of things, and generality. It is one of the core content, the relationship between the fate of a web site. Keywords not only affect the online consumer search time but also affect the search engine on the web impression. A proper and appropriate keywords can bring good rankings for the website, add links to websites and views. Therefore, we should spend more time to think about how to extend the keywords? This is my opinion on how to extend the keywords.

: first expand the reasonable combination of keywords to deepen the connotation of

now has almost replaced the long tail word keywords become flow than do webmaster tools. Through the combination, increase the relevance of keywords, so that the number of long tail keywords Everfount. For example, "shoes", focusing on the key word, we can combine taobao贵族宝贝 shoes, new shoes, new shoes Fall 2011, brand shoes etc.. Around the main keyword expansion out brand and can be composed of Tata shoes, BELLE shoes, Daphne shoes and so on. On the one hand, the keyword expansion at the same time, time to update. On the other hand, often concern from all walks of life focus, mining the keywords. It can not only make the website has different contents, meet the needs of different consumers, but also to attract more people to browse web content.

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