Keywords ranking suddenly disappeared

September 9, 2017

second, the site itself quality problems, there are some factors are not conducive to the website spider crawling on the inside, including flash, JS, ALT, code pictures no attribute station information for information collection;

second, the competition right down.

web site keywords ranking is down right after, according to some of the same is right down the web site to do a diagnostic analysis, problems with your own website and search engine itself quality adjustment.

first, love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, the user experience as the ultimate reference value to be included in the content of the re ranking, the user’s favorite, valuable experience, high degree of content on the front page of

; How to prevent the malicious

drop right? The first is in the site is to choose a good domain name space operators and service providers, by means of white hat in the late site maintenance, not to buy the link flow, information content is the most important site must be of high quality value of the content, do not use direct acquisition the information. When the web site is not officially launched after the random change path, so as to avoid the unstable site impression to the search engine. The site is malicious down right after, usually three months can be restored, this time to pay attention to the correct way of website optimization.

third competitors catch up from behind in our website maintenance, at the same time, the competitors in the same optimization, when a rival technology is higher than the US, the website quality will go beyond our website, which we speak words out of the home page.

November 22nd is another black Friday Shanghai dragon Er, many owners have said that the keyword ranking is down right, website ranking missing, of course, is "senior victims of dennis". After nearly half the time, the author attempts to use the basic technology to recover, the result is still no effect, what is the root of this greatly reduced the right keywords problem? Today I Dennis is on its own website optimization work for a simple analysis of the wise remark of an experienced person.

in the keywords ranking drop right, through the above points will be summarized, right down to the type of malicious right down and down the right of competition.

if your website is not malicious right down, but in no case of any violation is right down, then there may be the site itself, in the user experience oriented update, your site user experience is poor, the search engine will be good user experience competitors website the home page ranking. Out of poor user experience site, enhance the user experience website ranking, >

first, malicious right down.

through the black hat means to optimize the site site, most rankings have disappeared, such as those of the purchase link flow and website content using bridge pages; there is the site itself was invaded, DNS was hijacked to produce large quantities of waste caused by the two level domain in K sea station.

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