The reason of the different search content display different time snapshots

September 9, 2017

we each website has multiple keywords, due to the weight of different keywords corresponding to the resulting website ranking is not the same, rather than the website weight snapshot time on the same day the corresponding was not the same in different natural search content website is also different. This should be a reason for the two time most likely a snapshot.

can be seen from the chart, the two stations to search different content display snapshot time is different, so that a site has two snapshot is not the case, there are certain similarities, there may be a friend will think there is no convincing, after all, these two sites are only.

a long-term careful observation station, can be found in time each site will basically have two or more than two snapshot. For this reason, in order to avoid misunderstanding, that is two different time snapshot and two different snapshots are essentially different, one is just a snapshot of the time, including time snapshot and snapshot content etc.. According to the Shanghai dragon Fanfan to observe their nearly two months of small and medium-sized site analysis and comparison, there are two specific reasons:

2. different keywords corresponding to the difference

1. love Shanghai database synchronization.

In fact, if a friend

then we read the real time station snapshot love Shanghai itself is not the same, and you can find some other site test, there are two snapshots of the site there are many. Obviously, there are two snapshots of time is not the website is not normal, if this is love, Shanghai’s own station are not normal.


analysis summarizes the above two different time snapshots, presumably on this issue also has a clear understanding. In the process of Web site optimization may encounter such problems, don’t be nervous when processing, observation, analysis, consulting, we will be able to solve. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝onlinedown.net/soft/11>

we know that the love of Shanghai has a huge database, and is not only a database, then love in Shanghai on the site of the data update, due to the differences between the updated database cache problem and multiple databases, also appeared in a number of different time snapshots.


Website weight

must have a lot of friends met a website with two or even three time snapshot, snapshot time, although it is also a web site, but the search is not the same, there in different time, what is the reason for this, today Shanghai Fanfan dragon and Phoenix will talk about the problem. First we analyze a. Two different time snapshots are normal, look at a few screenshots:

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