Xu Tao behind the rain Shanghai Dragon Flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

September 9, 2017

above is not a joke. "Shanghai rain dragon" believe we are not unfamiliar, love Shanghai 6.28 earthquake, the earthquake had a rain, and the industry has been holding for the novice Shanghai dragon circles "myth". The rain is so in a short period of three days earned a pours. However, due to time many novice blind worship of the rain, the rain in Shanghai dragon unexpectedly in less than 4 days, pulled the hair. Abnormal tenacious vitality of the rain Shanghai dragon, do the first breakthrough, but the strange thing happened, it was suddenly a mysterious K. Dutch act or the murder weapon? Where is the murderer, who is love? Shanghai? Or himself? This really is not a small blow for the rain and rain fans. Some people even shouted "I do not believe my own eyes", there are people in doubt is "love again Shanghai earthquake". But I think the rain is really K Shanghai dragon with the inevitable cause of his. The following Xu Tao step by step with the rain we opened Shanghai dragon is the reason: K


site: domain – Shanghai dragon", we should understand this? "-" love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is included in the rain site does not contain the Shanghai dragon page. Through the SITE, what we found? Yes, this station is a forum to do". In fact, I have known the rain, also visited his QQ space, then through its QQ space to understand, he is doing the word "Wangzhuan". So he had to do all the domain name "Wangzhuan" website. He did the keyword "Shanghai dragon" now, their websites are changed to "Shanghai dragon" related websites. Like this to the railway station, often modify the title and meta, I said it will not be K, do you believe?

? I list here all is the same station and hz67 station, is also the mirror sites, look at these stations of internal links, all pointing to the absolute path for the hz67 of the site. What is this? Of course, this is the legendary "battle group". Do not know this let us remember what? Yes, Knight station group! When the Shanghai dragon circle of people made a statement, is a domain name or two domain names point to the same site, can improve the row >


!"The The first step: "wolf rain

introduction: "the first row of rain Shanghai dragon!! niubable wood!! he broke the myth of Fu Wei!! very Niubi have! He Zoupian Jian Feng, surprise!! awesome wood!! Ya also subverts a lot of Shanghai dragon industry conclusion!! very cattle make a wood there!! the wolf rain forced Shanghai dragon!! have!! don’t last till the three day was K!! fuck!! cheating!

second steps: open the rain now several domain name hands look, it is not convenient to disclose the domain name, I screenshots for everyone to see:

We found no

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