The construction site outside the chain in the end how to do

September 10, 2017

always have a widespread, in Shanghai Longfeng circle that is: "content is king, the chain for emperor", believe that knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng website optimization ranking friends should be heard, the chain for Shanghai dragon in the optimization of position.

owners often complain that search engines suck, the construction of the chain are large, but the site is still not the corresponding weight, still be right down state. For this website, Ma Haixiang suggest that owners can use love Shanghai chain analysis tools, analysis of whether there is a significant chain site outside the chain? The amount of malicious brush out.

but why are there so many people do not feel the important role of the chain? This is probably because of love since the Shanghai algorithm updated several times, hit some of the chain, such as cheating, mass and black chain, the chain will be regarded as garbage outside the chain, is not good for Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization and even counterproductive, so, the construction site outside the chain in the end how to do

The number of The


this is the most important, if you send the chain today delete tomorrow, so the chain is of no use, love Shanghai foreign chain need to review, found no effect, delete, or even have negative effect.

chain is essential for Shanghai dragon, then again good website content of high quality, not high quality of the chain is of no avail to assist Ma Haixiang, for many years doing Shanghai Longfeng experience, outside the chain of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking role is absolutely can not be ignored, I hope you do not despise the chain there.


false chain, the user of the software group chain, website, false really recommend extensive use of anchor text, buy high weight chain, mass increase in the low quality of the chain is the chain of cheating.

has a lot of friends too lazy to do outside the chain, spend a lot of cost to buy the chain tools, finally found the chain of these tools are not mass survival, then mistakenly think that the chain has no effect.

search algorithm can be very accurate to detect whether the chain user recommended, or is to promote their promotion behavior, spiders only need to IP address, cookies address, browser access, access to records to judge and identify.

really is the chain user recommendation, the spider will think is the chain weight high, can improve the site keywords ranking.

in this regard, Ma Haixiang suggested that this kind of friends do not have.

2, outside the chain

The stability of

chain is not much, more important is the quality of the chain itself, whether the user really recommend, for love has been listed as the sea algorithm of garbage chain, can be shielded by the love of Shanghai outside the chain of screening tools.

1, as far as possible the chain is the user really recommend

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