The enterprise website optimization frame of value change abandon factors

September 10, 2017

first, enterprise website is the corporate image of the window. We know that the corporate website for consumers is an information window, of course one of the image of corporate website construction is our corporate website value point the way, here is a very simple analogy and we described by the author, a rural small shops and downtown shopping center on the tall as compared to contrast obviously, however, the website image project is not subject to geographical constraints, we even small companies can through professional website design exhibits a professional site and large enterprises, which is the center line of business entities are unable to do so because of the cost and consumption capacity directly restricts the next line in terms of investment and investment, online a website of any enterprise all can be realized, we only need to understand our products, The web site can achieve completely understand our design philosophy through the website.

as everyone knows, website optimization process, the optimization of enterprise website has been the focus of long-term commitment many Shanghai dragon Er, as the enterprise station we should constantly adjust and optimize their own ideas, the love of Shanghai < white > and love ShangHai Railway Station platform released a variety of website optimization guide told the webmaster, the value factor is the core of the enterprise stand optimization lies in what specific aspects? Well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

third, continue to strengthen brand awareness. We know how to let users lasting long-term attention and recognition of our enterprises, retain access to persistent customers I think best reflect the value point continuously strengthen brand consciousness is the enterprise site optimization must be paid attention to, many times the customer is entering the site through search engines, our other marketing channels, this then is very strong may, after this visit if there is no two marketing concept design in depth, the probability of the next time this churn is very large, in order to let customers remember us, so we in any promotion constantly in the process of shaping the brand awareness is very important, and shaping the website brand, relative to the line.

second, the enterprise website or to consider the value of information. The author found that many enterprise site on-line is just released some simple journal like some news, just to show it, such as XX enterprise website officially launched, the latest notice of the holidays until such information, we know that this information is of no value to consumers, network marketing level is not reflected the value and marketing factors. So, I think we even a small enterprises do not give up their brand awareness, because the Internet customers understand the enterprise website is a very important channel, even if we are a small business news, but we are very professional, more comprehensive product information published information is consistent with the needs of users can provide real value for the user, the user just see this information will come in call in, will consult I think this is inevitable.

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