Shanghai Longfeng job need to prepare what

September 10, 2017

network more and more successful cases to influx of TV, magazines and newspapers. More and more enterprises have seen the power of network marketing. But because of multimedia has been magnified this value, exaggerated a lot of network case, many enterprises in the recruitment of marketing network, show the quick success of the state. The so-called "than to choose", is in the choice of the industry, to understand the industry, how many have at present in the network’s profitability. To be clear, and not any industry can simply profit from the network. There should be more popular is violent, wedding photography, medical industry, machinery industry and so on, of course, but also the specific analysis according to the actual situation of their own. Don’t choose a difficult profitable industry, tossing himself to.

1, than to choose

Because the

Shanghai dragon although the counterpart position is Shanghai dragon specialist, but not all are so set the position of the company, and Shanghai Longfeng staff with a wide range of general knowledge, not only to understand the Shanghai dragon, certainly are familiar with blogs, forums, micro-blog and so on marketing, otherwise how can separate mixed in so long on the network, or even if you do not understand these, don’t tell me you’re doing Shanghai dragon. In various companies, including the work contents and possible website operation, website construction, web design, website promotion and various categories, especially for the enterprise, may also refer to the Taobao, Alibaba and other things. In fact, this is very normal, especially for those companies out of the network industry, they will not suddenly put so many people to the subdivision, which is not realistic. So we must first clear their own advantages in which choice with their counterparts, so as to better work.

3, understand the industry competition

for this special interview, is very necessary. Before you go to an interview, should understand the company’s industry, for you next may become competitors of the company are analyzed, improved method of advantage, the company in the network is inferior and can say one or two. This is the interviewer for your assessment, also in an interview with the company to make a comparison of values, development trend is consistent. Only to understand the company and the industry, in order to clear what you can do. Or let you do a few hundred.

2, clear their own advantages

Shanghai dragon from the simple personal website, to the job, go to work, often a lot of things need to change. Personal website, because a lot of things in themselves, very free, and low risk, even if the failure is also easy to start again. When true to a company to work, all this will be changed, you will have many restrictions, or even need to do a lot of effect of the report, the company does not agree to let you fail. In the job before thinking about these issues, it is necessary to find a satisfying job.

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