Shanghai Longfeng best practice page search engine optimization list

September 10, 2017

Best practice:

2) 150 to 160 characters is the recommended length of

yuan description, and in the search engine ranking is not important, important, by allowing users to click on your site in the search engine results page (SERP) is very important. Meta description keyword should be used wisely, but more importantly, they should have a convincing explanation, users have to click. Just like the title tag, SERP will highlight the user’s keyword search, the possibility of more and more users click to enter your site.

for example, you want to place the "Shanghai web design company." Your title tag might look like this:

this is one of the most important factors of Shanghai dragon on the page. Title tags tell the search engines what web pages on your website page is related to the keyword or keyword phrase. The title tag should be the only one. In the search results, search engines will highlight your keyword phrases, if a user searches for these terms. This will increase the visibility and click rate.

4) to keep the title tag length does not exceed 66 characters (including spaces)

the first


before the end of the year between your keyword phrases and regions

2) "brand name separated by

For example:

in the search engine results in the title tag example:

third. The targeted keyword phrase content

3) to avoid duplication of meta description

4) do not use quotation marks or any non alphabetic character

introduces eight kinds of best practices in Shanghai dragon page optimization.


in the browser title tag example:

Best practice:

3) to avoid repeating the title tag

second yuan (

1) your title tag should be written like this: the main keyword keyword – | brand

1) write compelling meta description

is your content of your website and get a unique method of ranking of the soul. The latest love Shanghai search engine update rules, has confirmed that it is very important that your content is the one and only the relevant. If you have multiple pages of the same content (or other website, if you are content, then you) your search ranking will be punished risk. We want to keep our website long for love, so let your.


title tag.

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