Characteristics of love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, nteractive Encyclopedia encyclopedia products etc.

September 11, 2017


The characteristics of

introduction: founded in July 18, 2005, is known as the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia, its vision is committed to building the world’s best and most complete artificial Chinese.

introduction: is a wiki Sohu subsidiary Sogou, Sogou known as following the extension of cubic after knowledge search product line, officially launched in July 12, 2013.



is an important part of the 360 search, a test version of its on-line in January 5, 2013.

features: the reference review is not very strict, remember to do a character encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of other basic product reviews are very strict, and the Interactive Encyclopedia passed easily. The corresponding weights, Interactive Encyclopedia is minimum, so far, included and ranking general effect. But because of its own search engine is not a product, so some search engines in addition to particularly take care of their own Wikipedia entries, then will be preferred Interactive Encyclopedia entries.


Encyclopedia of 4.360 high threshold.

2. Sogou Wikipedia is cute.

each product encyclopedia.

features: Sogou encyclopedia conditions neither loose nor particularly strict, need formal reference materials before release. The weight value corresponding to the Wikipedia entry is relatively good, the love Shanghai, 360 of its good record.

features: the most strict examination conditions, people need not only the official encyclopedia media data, and level requirements for media data is also very high, easy to release. The highest weight, once adopted, all search engines will be included, especially in the search results in the high weight love Shanghai.

1. Interactive Encyclopedia production is relatively easy.


features: because it is a test version, Encyclopedia of 360 set the threshold is relatively high, at present only four accounts to create a Wikipedia entry. Just because of this one makes use of > 360 Encyclopedia

because of work reasons, sometimes contact encyclopedia products, mainly in contact with the love Shanghai encyclopedia, Sogou Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of 360, and also made several entries. Do the encyclopedia, rejection is often the case, in the process of revision and complaints, but also experience some things.

: love is love Shanghai Shanghai Baike company launched a free, open content online encyclopedia, a test version of its on-line in April 20, 2006, officially released version in April 21, 2008.

3. the most stubborn love Shanghai.

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