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September 11, 2017

. If you have a pair of $10 shoes, rain shoes and even shoes wet, then this pair of shoes is a luxury for you. If there is a pair of millions of shoes, still tread water, running sand, without a heart burden, then this is not a luxury. The analysis tool is the same site. Take more well-known for three. The author thinks that the difficulty of ranking from small to large is: love Shanghai statistics -> 51.la-> cnzz. Of course, these barely known as web analysis tools, but as the site analysis is enough. The use of these functions and then use GA or other charges will be more handy tools. If you have not exposed to these, I believe you will see if the direct halo GA. Don’t start to use more high-end WA tools, for the novice, CNZZ and love Shanghai statistical user experience.

in the website analysis which often refer to the conversion rate, but the website statistical tools are not out of the final results of the analysis of the transaction. Statistical analysis tools only to the number of successful payment page number or registration page, but the real deal is not under the orders can be. Like a fish on the hook, even if not placed inside the barrel up is not the same fish to catch on. But it can be combined with the ERP software or Invoicing software to analyze the final conversion rate.

If the

novice do web analysis, you should first learn how to use the free WA tool. I believe that 90% of all used CNZZ, 51YES, 51.LA, love Shanghai or other free website statistics statistical tools. But 50% of people do not pay attention to a "bounce rate, IP ratio of PV with the same entrance different page out rate and so on. If all the functions now look back free of statistical tools, you will find: Wow! The original free

What is the concept of luxury

yes, the best tool is not the free software, but we add their own EXCEL. >

2, first learn to use free tools


is the best tool in +EXCEL

almost every Shanghai dragon are aware of the concept of UEO, yes, is the user experience optimization. But a lot of Shanghai, but do not know how to do it can be used as a standard page user experience. IPPVUV bounce rate, an important indicator of the familiar noun is as UEO analysis. These indicators in general from the third party statistical tools, so you don’t have Web Log Explorer log viewer to view the log, then artificial analysis. Although the third party statistics tools are now more and more fool, but still have some good tips on:

1, do not use statistical tools too expensive

3, website statistical tools to analyze the final conversion rate of

4, can also be strong!

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