Shanghai dragon how to do false original more value

September 11, 2017

content value added to the article? For example, with a map, to improve the visual experience. Streamline selection category, reduce the selection time of the user. No mention of the original content, add up and so on, as long as can be more convenient for users, is to enhance the added value of the original.

said the pseudo original, I found that a lot of people are doing well. You listen to me say that may not be convinced, do false original is not simple, easily upset the paragraph, the key words change, use their own language to others with their own words the meaning of "translation" articles and so on, even now there are a lot of pseudo original software. In fact, this pseudo original just let the search engine think your original content and different which included more easily, however, this way of making the content, quality is not as good as the original, there is no good original ranking. In addition to this website, but what is the value of

? So how to improve the original

may do so, even than you spend a longer time to write articles. Ye Cheng think Shanghai is a real dragon should solve the problem for users. Now Shanghai dragon has been manufacturing many people misunderstand the garbage for the network, and we do Shanghai dragon’s duty is to allow users to quickly find the answers they need. I hope to be able to let Shanghai dragon return to nature, to be responsible for Shanghai dragon, which is the development of the road long.

needs a lot of website content filling. If every article is to write their own original content, nature will make search engines generate goodwill. However, it takes a lot of energy, and the original content can high content called on? If you do Shanghai Dragon into writing the article every day, then Shanghai dragon and there is no difference between the articles editor. So, I often choose to do false original to add the content of the website.

is the core content of the website, add the appropriate content for the website is very important in Shanghai dragon. No matter what good ideas need to rely on the quality of the content support. For example, a web based optimization do better, if spam site content is not the needs of users, so this website is also very difficult to get good rankings.

I think it really do false original is the need to improve the additional value of the original, the original Polish streamline or supplement. We should stand in the original author higher vision, let the original into high value content is more useful to the user, so that users love, search engine will also be love, naturally can get better ranking.

We all know that

Shanghai dragon for a long time, I think the Shanghai dragon is a simple repetitive work, but is not able to do things casually. If someone asks me to do Shanghai dragon is the hardest part of what? I will not hesitate to answer him.

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