From the point of view of Tmall Taobao mall was renamed Shanghai and noble love baby

September 11, 2017

2012 is an eventful year of Internet users, rigid demand or just over the user experience 12306.cn known as the strongest commercial website, causing all sorts of doubt the fart. Finally in January 11th it stopped temporarily stopped the discussion shifted to the "Tmall". Occasionally a look, Tmall is what, and how the Internet hook, but the Alibaba’s products: Taobao mall today officially changed its name called Tmall, the unknown species and the relationship between the Internet.


map display is very clear, in search of Tmall keyword is found, but love has changed to Shanghai Taobao mall; while the baby is noble Taobao Mall for the brand and advertising, in the natural ranking basically is with the latest information. Here you have to consider a problem: we often say that love Shanghai have on the website of the ranking of artificial interference. If you are a natural ranking of view, the Tmall keywords on the home page, as a Shanghai dragon master is not difficult, as long as the use of the short time to accumulate high weight in the weight of the site, you can make love Shanghai second and good ranking. And Tmall is not so popular keywords. The question is, there is no weight accumulation love Shanghai consider the time factor, like the rain at the beginning of last year the Shanghai dragon, is also using this technique, the word Shanghai Longfeng do the home page, a lot of people to subvert the understanding of Shanghai dragon. I also checked the baby and included the amount of noble rank, but unfortunately I have not found any relevant. Today, Taobao mall was renamed Tmall events and make love Shanghai this loophole again. If this is not a vulnerability that love is definitely Shanghai artificial interference ranking. Maybe there will be two.


noble baby is strictly abide by the principle of time links, PR is to transfer time to show the link, the longer the site, will be more stable in the noble baby, love Shanghai because of their own reasons when calculating the weight transfer time seems to disappear, even if only the performance. This is why love ShangHai Railway Station group easy to do, but not stable, and noble baby as long as no accident.


January 11, 2012, the Alibaba group’s B2C platform Taobao mall announced renamed Tmall (Tmall贵族宝贝), online shopping world a new brand was born, the future of the world’s largest B2C platform will also start this. At the same time, Tmall to the global issue of hero, logo and image collection.

was renamed Tmall Taobao Taobao mall is to consider strategic decisions, and anyone Never mind, but from the domestic use of the maximum rate of search engine: love Shanghai and noble love will find a lot of things. First we see Figure two:

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