Shanghai Longfeng foreign sites need to pay attention to the two problems

September 11, 2017

Shanghai Longfeng vocabulary has been in love in search of Shanghai saturated, said most of the is (the content is king, even for the emperor) talk is not much fresh today to look to foreign film and television sites, now more popular " Americana; " South Korea " Thailand " India I checked the search volume index.baidu贵族宝贝 these words are on the 20 thousand that the market is still very large, the market how to make use of this market, in today’s business abroad site of Shanghai Longfeng mainly about Korea video website.

1. Korean is not better than English. Love Shanghai couldn’t distinguish Korean, so you think of some Korean website on the hair even almost empty handed, so how to help build a South Korean film outside? Do not know if you have not heard a word called " Romans " promote your Korean TV station must have to start on the local the weight of film on the website in China. This example is a lot of love Shanghai Tianya Sina the main blog, bookmarks, micro-blog must use up. It will do you even have great help. My own research, to a large weight forum hair even is a good choice but must pay attention to the film and television sector plate must be found so that your connection will become better.

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2. on even talk about the next content. Everyone should be a clear understanding of the so-called content for the emperor is not the content of your website in your ranking is good. To make their content unique, how unique it is the original method. Now the popular pseudo original, I can responsibly express personal views (pseudo original does not modify the title is not much the) so we collected articles or films must be in the title to move the hands and feet. Of course, the original is indispensable to the importance of the original is no ground for blame. The original article can help you to make the search engine more attention you love more, this is every webmaster need to pay attention to the problem.

(贵族宝贝hgdyy贵族宝贝) published by the Korean cinema, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

The original

novice webmaster choose to do foreign television stations. These two problems have no attention. Some of the remaining small problem can be their own choice. The article I wrote here today if you love and I will have more time to write some articles in Shanghai dragon.

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