Rookie talking about advertising Union for picture stationDon’t over detail

September 12, 2017

because of a picture station, and don’t know profit model, sell and sell, so took some time to see other pictures on the station advertising, learning, and now share with you. League rankings are not in order, first impressions are first impressions.

friends: the same advertising advertising coins almost, the code of temptation, the price can be attractive, click.

horse: estimation is the most BS way to make money, but at the end, no way, only in this way.


3. download alliance. Skype uusee, these two downloads are the most used picture station, the main use: to do a beauty temptation page, you need to download things to watch video. Insert the actual download address but this seems to be only Skype, uusee download need to enter the uusee page, let others download, to achieve the purpose of making money.

popups >

4. ringtones. Ringtones needless to say, we all know. A lot of pictures are also on the station.

advertising itself is more temptation because Q coins to earn free coins, so most of the pictures will be placed in the advertisement stand.

, do you feel bad about your employees? Does he dress differently? He is more casual in his work He always likes earphones in his ears He eats in the work area

details for those properties of characteristics is relatively heavy, strong situation. Such as production line management, militarization management, etc.. These occasions generally have some common characteristics, that is, relatively few variables, small changes. Even if excessive management does not lead to bad effects, at most the cost rises.

2. color alliance. MOP QIHOO popcorn six rooms. Advertising code is also pretty regular, temptation, deduction amount is not very serious, still can click on the price, but also by the majority of owners of the favorite pictures, many webmaster put this code, usually placed on either the upper or the lower picture page picture text.

7. alternative money.

6. cross coalition. The most popular way to promote online, according to IP do promotion. It seems like a lot of places are under. It’s also a good way of promotion,

disadvantages: generally download this seems to need to be successful in landing once, there are limitations.

5. other alliances. Q: advertising also used one of the most.

monthly advertising: Secure monthly advertising, but as to how to find such an advertisement, I would also like to ask, I do not know the picture station security, monthly salary is where?.

in addition to Firefox, there is an alternative idea, you can see: smallwolf.cn/post/11.html, I did not experiment.

also has a lot of such advertising pictures.


1.shlf1314 alliance. shlf1314 Adsense doesn’t put much on the picture station, but there are still some stations. Picture station mainly put on the promotion of Firefox, get a temptation page, do a temptation to connect, picture station do Firefox is good.

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