The site continued to be the next snapshot and love Shanghai fast included

September 12, 2017

do a few years of sales, also let their accumulated extensive contacts, but also have a number of fixed customer base, which is the foundation of success in life is good. In the high quality of construction site on the road, thinking more professional services to our customers, thinking Facts speak louder than words. truth, forcing yourself to know more about the technical level, and personally manage company website maintenance and promotion optimization work, the future promotion and construction of the customer site will also have a personal experience and valuable experience.

after a period of exploration and practice, to achieve the next snapshot snapshot of the website, search engine rankings are up, the article also has a lot of articles during the realization of the seconds. As a problem to find the solution, to consult a professional, did not start so anxious and helpless, everything will become more automatic, can.

from fear of website technology, to slowly want to try and explore, learn more professional knowledge, let me start from scratch, to believe that technology is not terrible is not far away, everything as long as you think it is difficult, is no longer the obstacle, how much will let you gain. I’m going to talk about how I will Shenzhen Jinghang technology company website do love Shanghai snapshot for the next update, the fast collection of love Shanghai. I didn’t know the webmaster nets, webmaster forums etc. these professional website, I think it is a technical talent exchange place, I found that I was wrong, this is all want to know the knowledge, share experiences, a good place for people to exchange ideas.

in the beginning, each website optimization, website construction related article I want to read more about others, do website ranking as far as possible, the snapshot update quickly, meet what difficulty is how to solve and so on, because these are everyone’s experience and skill sharing, from which learn a lot of things, combined with their own actual situation to do a website, can enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. We write the related articles are mostly false original, mainly is the title, the last part of the article makes a description on their own and change into their own words, and make the appropriate entry keywords, internal links, keep updating the site regularly, as well as industry related websites Links, do some good weight the Forum, blog, industry website promotion, as far as possible to increase the chain, to enhance the site’s weight, let the spider regularly included your site content.

although I contact the site construction industry is nearly 6 years old, is the beginning of love because of the emerging Internet and sales in this industry, made a sales person IT. But for the technology is elusive, never learned nor learned web design, web programming, so I only know of technology has a rough thing, had wanted to start, but the time and the reality does not allow me to try this. Today, I as a love the Internet industry to talk about how I go on the way of the web site optimization, how will the company website do a snapshot of the next day, the implementation of the seconds.

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