n the end of the site how to do the best chain

September 12, 2017

2: the chain of nature, can induce the visitors click on nature.

the best effect? Shanghai dragon

3, improve the site traffic entrance, make website advertising. The chain is also available from our site advertising, such as the road of life in common advertising, television advertising, bus advertising, multi-faceted advertising, can let more visitors know our site is a good method to enhance the online brand.

1: Institute of mining chain resources. Outside the chain of resources and not say there are, we need to dig and accumulation. Find some and the site itself correlation is high and there is a certain weight can link the site. We can use the analysis of our competitor’s site is more simple to get outside the chain of resources, can go to some weight high site can buy the chain’s ID account and so on. We dig into the chain resources to know more after the filing, statistics and account protection. Don’t forget to appear a few days later because the account password or the password is too simple and stolen mistakes. At the same time, we also can cultivate their own resources, such as blogs, we can support some high weight site, or set up their own special > on some platforms

4 Platform: the weight of the chain need to publish high, from the chain high weight site is benefit to our site.

then we need to know why we should do the chain

3: the chain can meet the needs of visitors, don’t try to deceive the visitors.

how to send the chain

in the whole process of the site in the chain, the role can not be ignored. I once read an article predecessors, the article talks about the chain can eat a Shanghai dragon ranking, the chain for the importance of Shanghai dragon. Of course, a bit exaggerated to say, because the site is the key in the content. We encounter this kind of situation in the chain, the chain construction site is very large, but the effect is less than some of the site to see the little chain. Why is this? How should we send the chain to make the chain effect best? The author will analyze this problem in the bottom of the.


1: the chain of the basic premise is to let the search engines, and then use the anchor text to the best effect.

2: the chain can get the weight of the transfer, especially from some high weight site. Exchange chain is of great help for the weights of the site promotion, and then promote the keywords ranking.

1: to attract search engine spiders crawl. We are on the site of each chain are equivalent to the search engine into the entrance, the entrance of our site more search engine into the probability of our site is more also, the crawling frequency is higher, more favorable and grab.

we need to know what is the so-called high quality chain, the author thinks that the high quality of the chain need to meet the following conditions

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