Keywords web site three days quickly rushed home

September 16, 2017

below to give you a map to see the


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want to talk about today is the personal growth of experience with the Shanghai dragon optimization experience. Do a keyword optimization is a very tedious work, the most important thing is to have no patience for ordinary people. The webmaster all know this, Ma once said in the most difficult time to adhere to the one step and there is hope, but step back there will be no hope so guizaijianchi. I contact Shanghai dragon to optimize the time is also not long, our industry competition than the effect of large keywords. At first I chose PPC, but the high cost of real click crapulous. Study of Shanghai dragon decided all self, it must do the preparatory work started. Is not the basis for three days to enter the home page that is unlikely. The first thing to do is the website chain exchange, friends of the chain will need to industry. Do you Links the first look at the other site how, for example: "love Shanghai as soon as possible how snapshot update, snapshot update. Look at the web site of the weight, the weight is good but not the same people exchange with you. I started around the wall when changing the link, because no new weight. In consultation with each other, it can be found with you a little higher or equivalent. My site friendship link weights are also good, love Shanghai every day is the latest snapshot. This is very useful for our new station, down is updated not updated every day but the content must be original. The two after doing to give your site to find the high quality of the chain, the chain is the second best. You can go to Shanghai, know, love, and some 100 test library, A5 forum.


this is the last picture, the original is not. Keywords the top five for the three days are up to do. There are three very important keywords "Zhengzhou cemetery, Zhengzhou cemetery cemetery of Zhengzhou" "the three words of love Shanghai index than the low efficiency has always been in love in Shanghai after 20 pages. Look now to enter the 100 time. The problem lies in the three key words of love Shanghai time. Do love Shanghai this morning after the complaint, immediately after the snapshot update from the original twenty page Jump to six or seven now page effect is not obvious, if you have this kind of situation is a good check snapshot. Well, the other will not say more, say good and bad, right and wrong please study

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