Love Shanghai 2 update the chain number Scindapsus algorithm to reduce the analysis

September 16, 2017

2 update algorithm self Shanghai Scindapsus, attracted many webmaster discussion on this algorithm. The key is how to do outside the chain, the website internal optimization will fully replace the chain, the chain is soft, still insist on doing it. When the webmaster to discuss the Shanghai fight that love be in full swing, the promotion of the soft news to publish the source site, not to regard it as right believe like our small and medium sites are not affected.

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is very important section of the Forum

love Shanghai "on the chain of judgment" came out, many forums have canceled this signature function, this is undoubtedly one of the many webmaster is "one disaster after another". This move is to tell the webmaster do not think Shanghai dragon is the chain, and to consider the user experience, this is the most important. Experienced Adsense all know the general webmaster forum PR high, included fast, high visibility, like the A5 forum. Often see these contents, it is Shanghai dragon forum, but you can see all kinds of information in the forum of the irrigation district, such as business posts, buy clothes and other post information. Imagine you are in Shanghai, although the forum posted in the irrigation district, and this forum section is not at all, not to the user information, the user wants to Shanghai Longfeng information, you are the business information, even if the user clicks on the inside, immediately close the page, to jump out rate is 100%. This link is no correlation at all.

, a blog can not rely on a large number of reprint articles to maintain

third blog platform by many webmaster love, because it is very easy to add the anchor text of the chain, the more important it is a free platform. The well-known blog platform Sina, Tianya, love Shanghai, and the blog space etc.. The author of the blog as an example, this blog for almost four years, also has a certain level with attention. Is to reprint articles in the form of blogging, then add the anchor text to do outside of the chain. The recently discovered before many blog the chain included are not included. Love the reason why Shanghai update algorithm one after another, is to let the webmaster do the high quality the chain, to make the Internet a piece of pure land, so rely on others reproduced some articles to maintain their own blog, now is certainly not a love, and Shanghai to link these derived weights less; on the other hand, according to the Shanghai love algorithm 2 bulletin fifth Scindapsus case, only the target keywords and links to articles, is also a kind of garbage soft Wen promotion. The garbage outside the chain to be filtered, cause the chain to reduce the number of search engine, the weight of the website for this downgrade.

today found the operations site has been down the right, in addition to shock, more is to think, immediately check the site number, chain number, site is ranked in the home, snapshots, keywords, and found that the chain number decreased, keywords ranking drop. The chain of this to discuss with you, love Shanghai Green 2 update algorithm, and what factors affect the chain number reduction:

The correlation between

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