Outstanding Shanghai dragon how to solve the problem of slow snapshot update

September 16, 2017

4. final site title, keywords and long tail keywords good collocation. The website has not just rely on the title, but also the keywords and long tail keywords as the subtitle >

has many website optimization, have such experience, every time I go to see the website data, but found a snapshot of the site has not changed, for a few days or stay at a very early age, how is this going? Face question website snapshot update slow optimization and many of us believe the site all feel depressed because that day at a loss, own website optimization are steadfast, nor what inappropriate, but why the snapshot will appear this kind of circumstance, as an excellent Er Shanghai dragon how to solve the problem of slow update site snapshot? Here to introduce my website optimization experience for everyone and I believe we should help inspire, inappropriate welcome paizhuan.

2. then consider whether the site server stability. A stable web server in order to ensure the normal operation of health website. Otherwise, the server is not stable, so our website and how to get the love of Shanghai search engine’s favorite, and often will make the search engine that this site is not stable, so not included in our website, not updated snapshot stagnation, also natural reason in the. Therefore, we must first do site optimization to choose a safe and stable server. This is a very important step, or whether you after website optimization again good, friendly to fit the search engine, it was nothing.

The chain

1. first website content is original, whether regular update. Love Shanghai update snapshot, grab is fresh content. It will not repeat those often appear, so our website updated slowly in the snapshot case to consider whether our website content is original, high quality original new website is the love of spiders in Shanghai favorite, it will not retain the grab. Therefore the new updated content must be original. The site updated regularly, what time of day the updates will continue, we can update the number is not much but there must be regularity. Stick to it, love Shanghai spiders will be very recognition of your website, will be on time to your site to grab fresh content every day. The website snapshot update is no longer what difficult.

3. website again. Each site must have the huge chain to do support, so many of our website optimization will crazy to do outside the chain, but on the contrary. The web site of the chain growth is the need to have the law, we can not say that the new site on the chain, a site with thousands of thousands, fool all know you are cheating, love Shanghai does not update your snapshot is also a reasonable. The chain site also do step by step, slowly, not unsteadiness. Otherwise, it’s easy to believe that you love Shanghai is illegal means of cheating, will give you a natural blocked snapshot.

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