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September 16, 2017

may have a lot of people want to know how to learn Shanghai dragon or should start from where to start learning? And for most want to learn Shanghai dragon friends, at the beginning of the Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious, very strange things. Actually speaking, Shanghai Longfeng learning is very simple, but it is also very difficult. Why do you say so? Said, in fact Shanghai dragon to learn technology although not much, but must have a clear mind, can quickly get started; difficult to say, you actually have a lot of patience, perseverance and more time to do stand, sometimes is very boring, but also a certain stick to it. Although there is some very good tutorial, just say a lot of new friends can not start, the links of the process network to introduce the experience of Shanghai Longfeng learning, in fact it is really very simple.

3, global forum and Shanghai Dragon Master dialogue

view and learn from Shanghai dragon recruitment website

is the concept of things, but the noun mentioned inside also has been in use, but there are some basic things at the same time, the foundation is the fundamental learning. There is about some ideas, as long as you are well aware of, after learning something is redoubled, the website also handy to start. There is a want to understand a book or tutorial mentioned in each term. This is very important. If there is no explanation of the word book, go to the nobility baby, or in the sea to find love, there will be a very good explanation.

look at those high salaries to recruit Shanghai dragon er the company will require what skills, if you want to develop the one hand it is to collect information, learn this stuff seriously. For real success, no matter how the conditions of existence, all won’t be self

is always your best assistant of Shanghai Longfeng learning. It can be said that from the beginning, you will begin to do a website, web page, there is the side, while improving, do not know the things down, to facilitate future solutions.



learning once started to often go to Shanghai dragon forum, to see someone else’s post every day, look at a variety of them asking questions as much as possible to pay attention to. You do not understand can ask questions, waiting for the master to answer. Look at the introduction to the website master, look at what they are good at, what they know, understand, you have to understand, Shanghai dragon master is not only the Shanghai Dragon technology is cattle, some technology and surrounding pan was very poor, he will if you are, then you are Shanghai dragon master. But note that you should have a clear direction, don’t need to learn something, you don’t have to spend too much energy, it depends on what kind of results you want.

4, finally is


1, by Shanghai dragon books and online tutorial to learn


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