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September 16, 2017

has a lot of money, and VC and PE are just one part of it. For example, when you start a business or operate it, you have your own funds. If you are short of money and need your family and friends at the beginning or middle stage of the business, we will think he is an angel. Generally speaking, in the face of these angels, you open easier, do not sign a special formal contract, say good to discuss.

Taobao customers insist, even if you have good skills, but if you can’t insist, any skills are meaningless. Remember, I just started the truth, and often will not know what to do, each method uses a period of time, and then immediately change the second methods, so repeated, often without any significance. Each method, each technique, must persist for a period of time before it works. Taobao customers do the same, but also need to continue to adhere to and efforts. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

, VC, and PE want something simple, equity. Financing costs are very expensive and expensive for well established businesses. Another cost is that investors will have to follow you for years, until you sell or go public. VC is to make money, and the sooner the better the money, the actual target is consistent.

has been friends, I hope I can introduce some experience, today, then station station platform, to write about experience, of course, if the writing is not good, I’m sorry.

I think the bank loan within three years is very easy to use. Although it has interest, how much is the lowest cost?. First, interest is fixed. Second, it’s business relationship, no need to pay for it. Therefore, I suggest banks first, banks can not think of it, the short term would like relatives and friends.

many friends to join Taobao, mostly listening to the online publicity, a lot of operations Taobao customers, earn thousands of yuan, 10000 yuan. In addition, with the accession threshold is relatively low, so I think Taobao customers easier to make money, relatively simple. In fact, Taobao is not so simple. Taobao customers only join, the threshold is relatively low, but the real money can not make many people, to really make money, we must adhere to the operation, diligent study. And, above all, be flexible and know some skills. Remember just joined Taobao guest time, is also very hard, every day keep posting, everywhere post do publicity, but the effect is very bad, but a month earn 10 yuan, very hit. So Taobao money off, not reckless, and at the same time to certain skills.

in a dark horse camp financing courses, Tao Ning as a dark horse tutor, talked about two questions: who took the money, how to take?.

Innovation workshop COO Tao Ning’s actual business experience is relatively small, she followed the Innovation workshop this platform, close observation of dozens of investment companies, she felt the pain of the growth of start-up companies joy. In addition, the Innovation workshop is also a start-up company, Tao Ning as COO also encountered many problems encountered by entrepreneurs.

because it is good to talk about, leaving a little trouble. When you borrow from more than one person, the relationship may become complicated in the future. For example, if there were no shares, it would be difficult to determine quantities at the moment when the shares were to be taken. It’s not good to predict, and sometimes it hurts. Therefore, relatives and friends have both advantages and disadvantages, and should consider clearly according to their own situation and their own relationship.


two: choose the right way to promote

three: do Taobao customers, the first to adhere to, and the second to skill

below excerpt from Tao Ning dictating:

in addition to VC, PE, and then strategic investors. Your resources are getting bigger and bigger, and may even grow into acquisitions and mergers. The best thing about a strategic investor is that it has the resources. It has two purposes. First, making money, and more importantly, I hope you can meet the development of its parent company’s main business.

good advice. Come again and ask me for money,

advice two asking for money costs


1: Taobao customers are not so simple,

a lot of friends from the beginning is meaningless to the BBS post, send that kind of pure advertising form of the post. This is certainly not possible, because this post will soon be managed to delete, even if it can not be deleted, members will not have patience to see this post. In addition, some friends to group mass advertising, this kind of publicity page is temporary, no effect. I recommend that you promote it by SEO, which is effective for a long time and the result is relatively real. Also can go to the forum post, but not the kind of failure of the post, but weak advertising. Release that kind of reading post, such a post not only will not be deleted, but also has certain technical, others will even transfer your post, help you publicity.

VC’s position with you is to make money, and strategic investors are more concerned with how to combine their main business. The interference between the two is different.

if you think you need more money, long-term commitment to these institutions dealing with the development of enterprises is very confident, whether it is technology, products or themselves are willing to go a bit too far if we consider investors.

Taobao has created one miracle after another, so more and more people are joining Taobao’s customers. Because Taobao’s entrance is relatively low, so people have consistently believed that Taobao is a relatively simple money making project, always looking forward to making the first money. But sometimes it’s hard to make money, and so does the Taobao.

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