Google ranking factors (twelve) trans factors (four)

November 29, 2017

seventh, UGC Links: Google can be identified from UGC (user generated content) the link with the actual owners of the website links. For example, they know the link with the xxxx.wordpress贵族宝贝 official WordPress贵族宝贝 blog en.blog.wordpress贵族宝贝 the link on the very different. UGC Chinese translation for user generated content, here can be understood as a private blog.

second, the chain appeared together in different sites: what is the page content to identify these around you outside the chain of words will often help you better baby aristocratic links to the.

fourth links from the real good, real good means that people are actually very dedicated in operation, there are real visitors, good content, corresponding to the stand are those stations and free blog blog, many of these blogs are purely in order to increase the chain of content garbage, no visitors.

eighth, from the 301 redirect link effect than the chain effect is poor, for Google, they are more inclined to 301 redirect links as a direct link instead of the chain.

Google ranking factors (twelve): trans factors (four):

can be said to have anti chain factors are the influence factors of Google ranked the most important, the content of natural number, we rank the influence factors in Google yesterday (eleven) mentioned in the position difference, anti chain appeared outside the chain growth and other factors on the influence of different ranks, today we continue to explain some of the details of the chain.

first, the chain from Wikipedia to promote Google ranked better, although the chain from Wikipedia is nofollow, but for Google, so the chain can give a higher degree of trust and authority, so to have such chain network station will be improved a little trust degree and authority.

ninth, Schema.org > contains micro format:


Google ranking factors (twelve): trans factors (four)

third, the starting time of the chain, the chain is the more valuable the more early.

sixth, mutual connection, which is what we call the Links and exchange links, Google is now linked to this kind of utility also do cut greatly.


fifth, better natural links, natural chain is also all is to help others to set up a website link, Google believes that if a website is really good, really high user experience, the user is willing to help the sharing site, so the chain do not own operation will have very good results, this is the natural link chain, perfect state, by virtue of the chain site should be natural to get good rankings.

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