Shanghai Longfeng do not focus to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon

November 29, 2017

is the second, focus search engine marketing, rather than flow. The point above about Shanghai Longfeng focus on "content" and "chain", in fact, this is one-sided, we can only use, but not lose direction, and deviate from the purpose of Shanghai dragon. A variety of open network promotion websites even Witkey website, the transaction information chain release software, buy the chain how hot, we can easily see many webmaster of the site outside the chain of the pursuit of Shanghai dragon has come to a very crazy degree. For >

to the present, especially people in Shanghai love inside search Shanghai Longfeng relevant keywords, from time to time what the Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, Shanghai Longfeng classic tutorial, a few days to learn Shanghai dragon and so on related content, personally think that the fundamental reason is that too many people on the Shanghai dragon amplification. Many of the company’s Web site can see clearly the Shanghai dragon traces, such as keyword accumulation, the content of the reason is that the wide of the mark, or the company website in the search engine to find the competition more and more, so he began wantonly Shanghai dragon. Some of the relatively large size of the site, simply looking for professional web promotion company to optimize, or set up their own group Shanghai dragon big strength optimization.

first, the search engine is a kind of knowledge, is not so easy, Shanghai dragon can only use some common rules and search engine to optimize, there is no fixed way and fixed pattern to follow. Many grassroots Adsense, and even a few years experience in site and optimize your site webmaster, all day in the QQ group, micro-blog blog, published the so-called "update algorithm", what algorithm updates to his website how, then think you have found what skills, plus reading some articles, it seems is that I must certainly click into place, and must strengthen the construction of the chain of love, Shanghai must be pay attention to the chain or Google must pay great attention to the original update, and so on, every time I see these, I would think, if let write engine core algorithm to search for the people know, is not always laugh, how would there be so a lot of people waste their time and energy in these things is not reliable. In fact, here is to highlight the search engine is a system engineering, don’t say a change of each ranking algorithm is what changes, and should find their own website itself, compared with those more successful peer sites, where the difference.

but why these sites are optimized for a period of time, a lot of keywords ranking on the very front position, some even in addition to PPC after row to the first place. Flow and ranking of the site can be very high, see all the browser page, the PV per capita is very high, but why still no orders and benefits. Since the Shanghai dragon have done on this, at least on the surface, you can see the effect, but when we put Shanghai dragon exaggerated, will be easy to deviate from the purpose of Shanghai Dragon – all for promotion and marketing".

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