Cheated 40 thousand and 5 exclaimed with no third party payment tool

March 5, 2017

in mid April 2009, Zhu, Jiangsu, Zhenjiang, reported to the public security organs, said he was cheated 45 thousand yuan. The public security organs in the investigation found that this is a very old place in Internet fraud in the media highly developed today, such cases do not know how many times have been exposed, but also made the same mistake just.

According to

reports, Mr Zhu is to see the release of information in a well-known shopping network, the two sides negotiated directly to the cost of 45 thousand yuan to each other’s account, without any guarantee and the use of third party payment tool. Happy waiting for Mr. Zhu received the 3 days, but to the seller to store empty results, this time only dahushangdang. The public security organ staff revealed that such fraud criminals often use the Internet to release information, the neglect of people in improper trading after being cheated of the loss is often difficult to recover, so everyone should have some knowledge of security online shopping, shopping platform will undertake the necessary responsibility.

shopping platform is responsible for consumers to create a safe consumption environment. According to iResearch the latest release in the first quarter of 2009 Chinese Internet economy and the core of industry data pointed out that the first quarter of 2009, China’s online payment transaction volume has reached the scale of 118 billion yuan, an increase of 146.9%, growth of 21.4%. Among them, Alipay’s market share rose 0.3%, caifutong market share growth of 1.3%. As an important component of e-commerce, online payment has become an inevitable trend of the development of online commerce. The involvement of the third party payment instruments is the most effective way to ensure the security of online transactions.

traditional shopping platform:

China’s rapid development of online shopping platform should also increase the potential, but the security of the shopping site is uneven, there is no transaction in the use of third party payment instruments related to the vital interests of consumers. First look at the old brother could use some third party payment tool, Alibaba, Taobao as the largest trading platform is the use of Alipay; dangdang.com is the use of fast money; pat caifutong use; and the use of world-class eBay shopping network to develop their own security and pay through PayPal (PayPal), PayPal is widely used in international trade; the world’s largest online mall B2C Amazon in the United States in April 14th signed with Alipay, the Alipay turnover will rise sharply this year. The use of professional third party payment tools greatly enhance the security of the transaction, but also to make consumer confidence more adequate, which is why the large trading platform to attract more consumers. Also play a positive role in promoting the industry.

new shopping platform:

the development of the Internet has also led to the development of a number of innovative new shopping platform. They are the introduction of the introduction of price comparison platform, improve the function of China’s shopping guide platform, effectively promote the professionalization of China’s online shopping platform. The more prominent are finding, PK price, price, price > easy net

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