The electronic commerce in the spring to network promotion can not be impatient

March 5, 2017

"the spring of the Internet is coming", "the spring of e-commerce is coming". The sound of a cry of Internet practitioners, to the development of traditional enterprises pointed out the direction for the small and medium-sized enterprises into e-commerce increased confidence. The development of e-commerce today can not be separated from the traditional enterprises to join, it is because many of the traditional enterprises to enter the industry with hope, want to achieve in the e-commerce industry. Promote the rapid development of e-commerce.

In fact, the

is not to say that these traditional enterprises to enter the e-commerce of what is wrong, but to remind those trying to enter or has already entered into the electronic commerce industry bosses, to think twice, to have a mature business mentality, it is more conducive to enterprise achievement in e-commerce industry. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

why do I have to say, let the boss think twice before they are actually the mentality of e-commerce into question. They do not understand the business process of e-commerce, just in accordance with the traditional marketing ideas, requiring immediate results. Today my online shopping online, you can use the Internet to do some promotional work today, I want to see how many orders, how much turnover tomorrow, there is always an anxious state of mind. I am not opposed to the idea of the pursuit of the effect of this boss what is wrong, since the investment, naturally want to benefit. This is normal. But I want to say this, as you shop, today I opened a flagship store in CBD business center, the user will buy your goods to stampede in. Online shopping mall, so it is difficult to see. The reason is very simple, the network was originally virtual, in order to obtain the trust of each other, it will be very difficult. Even if the user is looking for a section of their own need to buy into your store, but it can really complete the transaction orders, again a few? A new mall, build network brand is of vital importance for sales performance.

and the establishment of the network brand, is the need for a long-term unremitting process, there is no time to terminate, unless you do not want to do this platform one day. At the same time the need for network marketing is also a variety of means. One of the important tasks of the network brand construction and network marketing, the network brand construction enterprise based on website construction, through a series of measures to promote and achieve customer and public awareness and recognition of enterprises. Users will have enough confidence in you, but also the initiative for you to spread, the direct benefits will be greatly increased. To some extent, the value of the network brand is even higher than the direct income obtained through the network. Because the value of the brand is immeasurable. But these things have been ignored by many traditional e-commerce industry bosses. Eyes just stare at orders, volume.

before the author of the service of the two B2C Mall for the list, the former is based on leisure goods B2C enterprise direct mall. The latter is based on digital goods B2C platform. I will not go to the previous comment, because

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