Electricity supplier in 2012 the whole industry cautious atrophy

March 5, 2017

2011 the total number of national B2C industry site more than 1.2. The total investment in e-commerce industry more than 4 billion U.S. dollars, while all electricity supplier companies to increase the loss is estimated at more than $2 billion. Burn after several well-known business tycoon also before the United States IPO. 2011 buy site is also facing a large number of layoffs, bankruptcy, capital chain rupture negative news, the number of 5000 buy site plummeted to more than 4000.

from the middle of last year, the collapse of the electricity business, adjust the case on the constant. Such as department website B2C large warehouse Sinar Mas Group investment fell down, and my friend net layoffs adjustment.

today, the product together will also collapse, before this, said one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network broke wages infighting, 90% employees have resigned. Visit the site observation insiders see, this company is empty, the door closed.

Even if the

is really a big background of the company’s electricity supplier project is not insurance. NetEase’s high-end luxury electricity supplier project " NetEase Shang goods " also has come to the head. Zero on January 1st this year, the project site to stop service. Over the past year, NetEase is still not enough resources. Prior to this, NetEase also stopped the online air ticket ordering project, the field of electricity providers only to retain customized personalized photo service.

the wave is not over yet. Not long ago, even where the industry giants have been continuously questioned recently, another electricity supplier in Southern China has also been questioned its capital chain tension.

dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing said: in the gross margin at least to support the cost of outside market. Once the market stop, but the growth rate greatly reduced, there is a profit opportunity. Eric said bubble? Who is that where the bubble is 10 times larger? Who is the loss of 2 billion yuan in 2011? The capital of winter, first must eat a large amount of money to the electricity supplier


since the two quarter of 2011, the investment community began to spread cool, the electricity supplier financing cold contraction, various investment institutions since then to become more cautious and pay. The capital crunch then lead to electric business operation level. Compared to the amount of financing, electricity providers began to have to pay more attention to the gross profit margin, earnings expectations and other practical issues.

industry cautious contraction began. Such as music Amoy from last year in the middle, it basically stopped the brand promotion action. By the end of last year, music Amoy CEO wins in public complaints about high investment in e-commerce, low gross profit and hopeless, he said there is a vertical electricity supplier in the field of fraud.

sent on behalf of the network analyst Li Chengdong said that the direct reason is the product of poly twists and royal disputes, but it is still behind the electric commercial cold: no grand huge investment support, a new venture company cannot afford the test of winter.

poly network is not even isolated cases. According to informed sources, financing a huge electricity supplier fashion announced last year is actually not a penny to the account. According to its analysis, this initiative and product portfolio

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