EBay abandon mobile applications advertising the impact of the experience of no real revenue

March 5, 2017


Beijing morning news on December 20th eBay, President of the global market of German · Wenig (Devin Wenig) said that from the beginning of next year, eBay will give up the mobile application advertising.

said: we are not satisfied with the user experience of advertising, we do not need the money." This year, eBay in the application of iPhone advertising, as an attempt, but then found that these ads affect the user to use, and occupy a large area of the smart phone screen. In addition, advertising did not bring substantial revenue. So wenig said: "advertising is not worth doing."

but eBay has other options. EBay is the main source of revenue from online sales of goods. At the same time, other media assets can still advertise. "There are no alternative business models for some companies," says Mr liu. In this sense, we are lucky." Wenig was previously the Thomson Reuters market CEO.

although eBay does not like mobile advertising, but is still one of the promoters of mobile e-commerce. EBay wants to provide services to customers in any channels that may arise. EBay announced in September this year, since 4 years ago, its mobile applications have been downloaded 100 million times, equivalent to the total number of active users last year, eBay site. EBay also expects the amount of transactions through mobile applications this year will be more than $10 billion. December 2nd, eBay mobile shopping site has just hit a record high.

eBay initiatives show that advertisers should make mobile advertising applicable to a range of mobile devices. For a long time, marketers have been trying to target eBay’s huge mobile user group. However, taking into account the eBay mobile advertising was only in the experimental stage, so the decision to abandon the mobile advertising will not bring too much loss.

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