Sinopec convenience store net to sell Taobao products

March 5, 2017

central enterprises of Sinopec opened a small shop in the Taobao online sales, Fujian Wuyi specialty. Reporters yesterday from Sinopec Group confirmed that in April 10th, Sinopec Sen Mei Wuyi specialty store "Taobao flagship store officially opened for business. Sinopec’s easyJet convenience store try through the network + entity this model, the online and offline platform to get through.

oil prices hit

Reporters in the Taobao

online to see, at present, the store has more than 30 kinds of commodities, including Wuyishan, Pucheng, Jianou Dahongpao tea rice dried bamboo shoots. The future will be based on the sales situation, more and more types of goods, and can provide ticket sales, hotel reservation, tour guides recommend extension of value-added services.

at the same time, the current popular O2O is also used. According to reports, consumers in the online orders, can be specified near the gas station from mentioning goods. In the future, Sinopec’s 30 thousand gas stations are expected to serve as the logistics delivery station, terminal.


shop, looks like some worthless". But in fact, after the opening of the mixed ownership reform last year, Sinopec has been committed to the transformation of integrated service providers, rather than just rely on the former oil survival. The international oil price slump hit Sinopec performance, but also to a certain extent, accelerate the transformation.

2014 earnings report, Sinopec operating income of 28259 yuan, down by 1.9%, net profit of RMB 47 billion 430 million yuan, down by 29.4%. Among them, the exploration and development of traditional industries as the main revenue and revenue reduction. 2015, the international oil prices will continue to remain weak throughout the year.

it is worth noting that the service oriented non oil business grew significantly. 2014, the company’s non oil turnover of 17 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 28%, is generally considered to be the biggest bright spot in last year’s operating situation.

by non oil business transformation integrated service provider

Sinopec side, told reporters that the shop is just a microcosm of Sinopec sales company to explore new business models. Sinopec sales company in the foundation to consolidate and expand the traditional oil and gas business advantage, will vigorously develop new business, is committed to creating a solid service, car networking service, non banking financial services "three platform", actively transition to an integrated service provider.

in the new business development and mixed ownership reform, easyJet convenience store has become an important platform for the positive development of non oil oil business. Last year, Sinopec has announced the company RT, Tibet Dolma springs, SF express, shop No. 1, the Tencent to become partners, more business through the convenience store, retail, finance, extend to the field of advertising, automotive services etc..

3 at the end of the year, Sinopec chairman Fu Chengyu revealed that Sinopec convenience store business has achieved significant progress through mixed change.

capital securities analysts believe that in 2014 the company completed.

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