This year, double eleven electricity supplier pinch each other to reduce the phenomenon

March 5, 2017

is known as "the history of the most stringent advertising law" revised "advertisement law" on September 1st formally implemented, the new 33, revised 37, overall, enrich and refine the regulatory requirements, increase the intensity of punishment for false advertising. "IT times" reporter observed that the new "advertising law" has been implemented in the past two months has achieved some results, the majority of Internet companies in the past to actively modify the contents of non-compliance advertising.

annual double eleven are electricity providers to start a fierce competition, the people of the electricity supplier between the advertising pinch behavior has long been accustomed to. Such as the Jingdong in last year’s double eleven that hit the theme of "same price, buy a really" series of ads to consumers that the association between rival Tmall and fake, even the direct use of "blind Amoy" and other words in some advertisements, make people think. Jingdong had in not only cheap, fast and happy, there is also a series of ads exaggerated exaggerated courier slow speed hinted. Tmall also in some advertisements more or less innuendo competitor’s products and service difference.

this year, however, this phenomenon is much less. In the new "advertising law", the thirteenth clearly stipulates that "advertising shall not belittle other producers and sellers of goods or services". At the same time as the new "advertisement law" on advertising and publishing has many requirements, making Tmall a lot of inconvenience in the campaign of "double eleven" activities. Some analysts believe that this year, Ma please director Zhang Yimou "double eleven Spring Festival Gala", part of the reason is to make up for the new "advertisement law" brought about by the restrictions on the publicity campaign.

Internet banking platform over the past year, the rapid development of the overwhelming variety of propaganda have been flooded with exaggerated advertising, such as the guarantee of high income, guaranteed interest rate commitments. But the implementation of the new "advertisement law" since, the reporter observed that the propaganda discourse financial platform began quietly changed, the original "principal guarantee" and the high rate of return propaganda began to disappear. The new "advertisement law" provisions of article twenty-fifth, "not related to the future effect, income or the guarantee commitments, express or implied, no risk or guaranteed insurance benefits, unless otherwise stipulated by the state." Such as Ping An Group’s Internet financial platform Lu Jin, whose slogan is "principal and interest guarantee 100% investors to obtain the expected return" instead, other platforms are also similar. Reporters also noted that before each platform on its website on the introduction will be labeled as the "biggest" the "safety" and "the most professional" word limit, the implementation of the new "advertisement law" also began to change the limit of word deletion.

search industry chaos before began renovation, originally in the Baidu search input "best hospitals" and "best of P2P" will appear to buy keywords of the enterprise, but now the reporter observed, these limited vocabulary are beginning to be removed, or by "good" and "good" and other words instead of.

before the implementation of the new advertising law, Baidu has sent to all advertising customers, and hope that customers in the "including but not"

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