How many B2C e-commerce enterprises stumbling block

March 5, 2017

focus on "e-commerce practical and pragmatic, dry cargo sharing" 2009 generation of e-commerce conference, major domestic well-known e-commerce enterprises gathered in charge of e-commerce industry, pointing Jiangshan jiyangwenzi, but is more likely to look farther, to explore the future development of B2c electronic commerce the road. From the many e-commerce heavyweights in a more than a word or two, they tried to wave clock a glimpse of something worries about the development of B2c e-commerce enterprises.

easy network Bu Guangqi: "the biggest problem I encountered is talent, in the process of recruiting personnel encountered many problems, e-commerce is a professional industry, requires a lot of talents in logistics, market development, customer relationship management, etc.."

comment: what is the most expensive in twenty-first Century? Is the talent, the talent of electronic commerce needs a large space, especially the talents of electronic technology and business skills are good, this is a sign of hope to enter the e-commerce industry for college students, but the opportunity for those who are prepared.

red child Duan Dong: consumer experience is simple, but for now, I think the current consumer experience is mainly concerned about the price, service and product categories above……. Our commitment to consumers has not yet formed our own corporate brand or product brand, the lack of traditional industries to form a brand mechanism, did not give consumers a brand commitment."

comment: user experience is easier said than done, the real ideal user experience not only the consumers say a good word, consumers also need to be their true feelings through the appropriate channels of feedback to the operator, further improve the level of service, and ultimately the formation of e-commerce service brand.

Shanghai Group buy network Deng Huajin: my biggest difficulty is that China is too big, the north, the south, the West and the East consumer habits are not the same, even if I am a standardized service. Even if my people in Shanghai sent to the west of Chongqing City, but my flow is the flow to the other side as like as two peas, I side of the supplier system is not the same, the supplier can not perform, this is a very painful thing to me.

comment: go industry standard and flow of road may be e-commerce service enterprises is superior to the traditional industry, but the service object is a personality, how to operate in the standard process for consumer habits, the details look is to highlight the specific service, coordination criteria and individual differences, only a process is not enough.

Vancl Wang Chunhuan: "Vancl has also had a broken network. From e-commerce, it is equivalent to a foundation, which is very important, when we lost a network is still very large, especially some IT related supply chain management. Clothing supply chain management is particularly complex, coupled with e-commerce, which is a very painful situation for us."

commented: "a fence of the three piles, one of the three men.

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