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March 5, 2017

Seth Godin has the most popular online marketing blog. Those who believe in his entrepreneurial ideas, sum up their ideas as follows: to make changes happen.



Corie Brown


the Internet in the late 90s of the last century, is still a toddler, but then Seth Godin has gained wealth by it: training people to use e-mail to direct marketing relationships with potential customers. His ice breaking "Permission Marketing" describes his marketing theory in detail, and also makes him a mentor to the age of the Internet pioneers.

in the next 20 years, Godin wrote a dozen business bestsellers look far ahead from a high plane, and opened a column in the popular "Fast Company" magazine; every day he published an article in SethGodin.com, the blog has been selected in the AdAge Power150 the most popular commercial blog ranking among the top ten this blog, most of the time in the first row and second position. In 2005, he founded Squidoo, a web site that helps people to commercialize their hobbies, and now the site attracts more than 53 million visitors a month.

Godin doesn’t look as dignified as it looks. He is very strong, and it seems to keep alert, but also let people feel warm and relaxed atmosphere. He has his lunch guest habit, prepare for us Steamed Rice, vegetables and Fried Eggs, this move will be the official interview into a family party.

"now the cost of failure is far less than 50 years ago"

over the past 3 years, Godin has insisted on updating his blog every day and making a speech everywhere. He did not hire full-time employees, when the work needs assistance, he will get help from a number of long-term partners. He doesn’t often use Facebook and Twitter, not even his own advertising and PR staff. The Domino Project is his publishing company and Amazon combined to create this publishing company, rarely a whoop and a holler Godin books, nor will his books on the shelves in all large-scale bookstore. On the contrary, the reader’s word of mouth let Godin works spread like a virus.

but this new book, "The Icarus High Will You Fly", Godin changed his usual style. The book was published by Penguin Group, a Portfolio company, which has been published on Kickstarter for the publication of this book, and successfully in 30>

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