Express recruiting response after the new year peak

March 5, 2017

newspaper news (reporter Suo Dongdong) during the new year’s day although the majority of the courier company is still operating normally, but many consumers also reflect their own express parcel logistics information is not updated, and the courier company said during the new year’s day only take a pause to send pieces. Insiders said that during the holidays to express is more for less, after the end of the holiday is the peak of express delivery.

yesterday Yuantong Express told reporters that, during the New Year holiday arrangements for personnel on duty can normally receive send pieces, because the electricity supplier orders and office to send pieces of the demand is not strong, the volume of business during the new year’s day than usual also declined during the holidays, "some office did not receive so it can not be delivered, the accumulation of these express only to the working day."

after delivery is approaching the peak of

although many courier companies during the holiday season is still a normal collection, but many consumers reflect the speed of a lot slower than usual. Yesterday, a Shenzhen consumer complained that his new year’s day before the Internet to buy a short boots, and now the holiday has not yet been received, the New Year gift does not make sense.

express company sources said that part of the courier company holiday just arranged for staff on duty, in order to send faster than usual. On the other hand, a lot of the email address is the courier company office, not only to defer the distribution of working days, parts of the recent bad weather also made some overland express speed affected.

express suck also affects the seller’s shop business, yesterday the seller recommends that buyers wait and express festival will focus on delivery. A business enterprise is recommended to avoid the post order processing peak resulted in delivery delay, a single consumer during the holidays, during the holidays can be recommended to the receiving address or from mentioning.

express delivery to meet peak

experienced a double 12 and after the New Year holiday, a peak express will also usher in the Spring Festival before online shopping and delivery. Yesterday, reporters from a number of outlets courier company learned that many outlets are recruiting couriers and staff, one is to express the peak before the Spring Festival, on the other hand, in order to advance reserve expansion, while preventing the loss of the courier business impact.

STO, a sales manager, said there are a lot of online shopping before the Spring Festival and gift courier business, but compared with the dual 11 of these operations can only be considered a small peak, the existing staff can cope with the basic. However, in order to avoid the impact of the flow of business, or the need to recruit courier.

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